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The New Cleveland, Part 2

I'm going back a ways to part one, all the way back to the old website in fact, but there's new information that needs to be factored in.

Part 1

There's no taking away the fact that aside from the Lynx, the Minnesota pro teams combine for the longest championship free total.

It's also true that beyond the Cavs championship one season removed, the Indians are one of the best teams in the MLB. But the tribe hasn't been able to translate that into a World Series victory - yet.

But Cleveland is still Cleveland and will seemingly forever be Cleveland because of the Browns.

If you haven't heard, there are a pair...trio....quartet of young signal callers in the NFL that should have all four of their fanbases very excited about the next decade plus of football. In case you aren't able to guess the names they are

  • Dak Prescott

  • Derek Carr

  • Carson Wentz

  • Deshaun Watson

Dak & Derek were each passed over by every team at least once so there's a little bit of leeway on those two.

Wentz and Watson on the other hand were specifically passed on by the Browns in two different drafts. Deshaun Watson has had a good rookie year so far. But we've seen impressive rookie performances that don't grow into a career so we can put a pin in his being passed on as a total failure.

So that leaves us with young Carson Wentz. The #2 pick that's also the frontrunner for league MVP this year. The kicker is that the Browns had the #2 choice in the 2016 draft and hocked it for more picks. Clevetown has long been the place where QB's go to fail miserably but it's not like Philly has a great track record of it's own. They haven't been as bad but right now they're tops in the NFC and may be well on their way to the NFC championship game, if not the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile the Browns are 0 - 7 and still can't stay focused long enough to just use the QB they did take in 2017, to see what he's got.

I don't mean this to be a soiling of the Browns, because they do that well enough on their own. But the city did put all the Minnesota pro teams on blast, not to mention the greatest modern Bison having a direct link to the whole thing so it is relevant to my purposes.

I think that all made sense but if it didn't let me know what's confusing and I'll try to amend it. Gotta say, streaming consciousness again is a nice change from all the game action that I've been covering the last few months! Hopefully their are more reasons to do it again, soon.

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