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Ted Talk I

We're through week one of the Tedvival. I've heard talk from more "professionals" then I could shake a stick at about what will, could or should happen with young Mr. Bridgewater. Truth be told, I don't think anyone KNOW's what will happen with him this year and beyond but I have my own theory about what may be the best happening for him and the team!

Cleveland is far and away the worst collection of "talent" that the Vikings will play against the rest of the way. Green Bay & Chicago may not be far behind as currently constituted but division games are always a tougher challenge and who knows how roster moves will affect those two & the Vikings.

Now I consider it a 5% chance that it will happen - if even that high - but Sunday's game in London may present the best chance the rest of the way for Theodore "Miraculous Recovery" Bridgewater to see game action.

A guy who has been out of Football action for a season and a half already, needs to see game action to know his own level of preparedness. It also needs to happen for the coaches to know what he's capable of and whether he can be depended upon.

Say the Vikings are up 28 - 0 in the third quarter, would you rather have the starter stay in and risk injury? Have the developmental nobody see a quarter and change of play? OR Have most peoples favorite injured Vikings Quarterback get pseudo preseason action?

The odds are slim to none that they'll activate him before the full three weeks have passed but for him and the team, London may represent the best chance this season to see what he's got.

The best case scenario is that the Vikings will have no need of a third quarterback this season, but in all the years of Vikings action when have things gone their best?

Never, even during all the Super Bowl seasons so I'd like to know what the next man up may offer this year. Unless you think that Bradford is coming back, which I don't. Okay, I think that about covers it but if I overlooked something let me know. I didn't get too deep into the minutiae so I may have missed a point or three.

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