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Pups Preview 2017

After one of the busiest off seasons in professional sports history, meaningful Basketball is now hours away. The Twin Cities professional Basketball associates kick it off one day later down in San Antonio.

Objectives 1 through infinity are to the make the playoffs. Everyone knows that but the drought has lasted so long that being in a position for it actually happen is refreshing! With all the roster moves that the team made, they went from winning eventually to hopefully winning now, whatever that means this season - besides the playoffs.

Butler is the main addition

KAT's the future MVP candidate

Mr. Money bags will hopefully make enough improvement this year to be in the conversation for Most Improved Player

And if things go really well then the Wolves may have someone in the Sixth Man of the Year award discussions.

But what does everything mean in terms of possible wins and losses?

Last year Portland took the eight spot with a .500 record and Memphis was two games better for the seventh. It's based entirely on what the team should be or may be or might be...could be? Idk I can't decide, it's based on something related to their potential though.

My gut says they should be able to get to 48 wins but what's an appropriate win floor and ceiling?

I'm thinking 45 - 50. Going from 31 into the mid 40's and beyond is the kind of jump that all the best teams have made at some point but with all the next players on the roster and the abbreviated pre season a completely justifiable level of dubiousness is unavoidable.

Gah I just want one of the main pro teams to win at a more then average level. For the Timberwolves that means ending the futility and playing into the summer.

There are a lot of other directions I could have gone with this and yeah it's probably not in-depth enough for some but I couldn't let the season kick off with taking a stab at a preview of the squad.

I wish Rubio was still in the mix.

Woulda been nice to add more outside shooting though too.

I'm very curious about how deep into the bench Thibs will regularly go this year and like I said, how will all these guys play together at full speed?

So many questions. So many possible talking points. Even thought it's still Football season, I'm pumped that Basketball is about to tip off and to finally start getting some answers about these Timberwolves!

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