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Thursday Night Football: Fargo Davies @ Fargo South

If Football, cooling weather and the collage of colors in nature aren't proof of it being Fall, then there's likely nothing that would convince you of it but the latest proof of the change in seasons is High School Football breaking from Friday nights. It wasn't a full slate of games but with a few schools remaining on my 2017 HS Football bucket list, I took the extra evening of play as a chance to seek out Fargo Davies. It was all the better because they were taking on Fargo South, fresh off a West Fargo steam rolling, and I wanted to see how the Bruins would bounce back. In polar opposite fashion of the weather, these two teams started off ice cold but heated up as the wind whipped and the temp dropped precipitously.

It wasn't until the second quarter that the 0-0 tie was broken, on the first play of the period. On a third and very long Tanner Dubois dropped back and hit his receiver for a catch and run score. From then until the intermission the main thing that persisted were errors. Whether it was three chop blocks (that I can remember) to pass interferences to false starts, the flags flew with a greater frequency then against any team playing the Packers. Some were clearly deserved, some were much closer to the level of a no call.

One of those miscues resulted in the second points of the game going on the board. On a botched punt snap with their backs against the end zone, the ball flew past the punter and barely touched the ground before going beyond the score zone. Safety. So it was a 7 - 2 contest that didn't get much better afterward.

But even sloppy and low scoring can have a highlight or two. Such was the case when Dubois took the snap and called his own number. Even though his jersey said 7 on it, his number at that point was actually 63, because that's what he managed to pick up on the one scramble drill. Which probably close to doubled Fargo South's stats in the game to that point. A couple plays later he hit Dawson Weisenberger for the second touchdown of the evening. But even with the relatively positive turn, things couldn't go that smoothly and the point after kick was missed right. At 13 - 2 that left the fans to halftime & to wonder how worthy of a watch the second half would be. I know that's the camp that I was in

Not to sugar coat it, the second half started off just as roughly as most of the first half had gone, but like I said, both teams managed to warm up! Because of the drop in temperature and the near unwatchable nature of much of the first half I decided to give each team a couple possessions before ceding to the fact that it would be little more than a 13 - 2 game. In other words, weird. Well that was my mistake. Because sometime over the last quarter and a half they managed to total 33 points. A far cry from the 15 that two and a half quarter were able to put out.

I've considered refraining from writing this one up because I got it wrong. And because I can't give any credit to the players who made the came much more exciting down the stretch. But the fact that I can't give them credit is exactly why I am proceeding. Though there was a decent amount of local media in attendance, there is little more then a bi-line about it in a run down of scores in today's paper & even less then that in the websites that I've scoured. So while I wish I had the names, knowledge of the plays and a better idea of how it all played out, I'm going forward. Because the plays I saw and the players who did them deserve the recognition.

So in the end, Fargo South walked away victorious; 26 - 22. Well done and thanks for the reminder to not throw in on something before it's really over, because I for one never really know what is going to happen until it's happening or more often has happened.

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