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Sunday Round Up


The Gridiron gang had another walk in the park win. For more on the game, check out this weeks Pick Six.

Their next action takes them to Youngstown Ohio for a primetime showdown against one of their toughest challengers in the Valley this year. It's stupid that it won't be on NBC but for those with a smart tv or an Apple TV like device it'll still be available for streaming via ESPN.

Beyond the Football team, the Basketball teams both kicked off their seasons of practice. Simultaneously, the pre-season polls were released with predicted finishes for third for the men and sixth for the women. Not to be a downer but I'd be surprised if the guys are in the top four once the games are all done. I'm just not convinced that Richman can recruit well enough to replace 2 current pros and another future professional in one off season. If his team does, terrific! As for the ladies, sixth may be about right but I don't know enough to have an opinion about it so I just hope for the best for them!

On to the pitch, the soccer team continued their recent run of quality play with a double over time win on Friday and another victory today. Gotta say, it's pretty great to see a low scoring sport not end their match with shots on goal! Their next show down takes them to Macomb to take on Western Illinois.

The Volleyball team wasn't quite as able to maintain their improved play as they fell in both matches since last Sunday. They've got a few days off now before Omaha comes to town on Friday night.


We'll see how Monday night goes but some reports may mean that Sam Bradford will be back under center in primetime. If he's not healthy beyond 95% then I say give him another week in order to be ready for the Wisconsinites.


The pups are growing up overseas in China. Three pre-season games may not be enough for them to get in a rhythm together to start the season as hot as playoff teams have to but that's negative speculation. We won't know how they will look until the action gets under way in a week and a half. Hopefully their time together during the trip will be able to make up for some of the lost practice and playing time!


No actual word yet on the managers status for the 2018 but if they choose to go in a new direction after a post season appearance the brain trust needs to get it right but I'm not convinced it would be the right call. In fact I lean towards staying with the guy you've had but that's too Twins like so I wouldn't hate a shake up. Wanna talk or read more about it, go here!


I doubted too soon. A week ago I was sure they wouldn't make it past game four. Now they're four time champions. There's not much else to say about it. Congratulations for being the lone pro team that can win a championship in Minnesota! If that comes across sarcastically, it's not except in relation to every other franchise!

High School Sports

Fargo +

West Fargo 39, Fargo South 7 (Game of the Week)

Fargo North 35, GF Red River 28

Fargo Davies 25, Bismarck Century 38

Shanley 55, Valley City 6

Hillsboro - CV 48, Ellendale - E-K 14

Kindred 49, Northern Cass 12

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