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Friday Night Feature: Pequot Lakes @ DGF

After scoreboard watching the last few weeks and seeing the 84 to goose that the Rebels had compiled I was excited to see them play for myself. With the way the schedule laid out yesterday the opportunity came without further delay. All I can these hours later is that maybe I should have given Fargo Davies a look...

The sake of the recap, it should be noted that DGF got on the board first, in the first quarter, on their second possession of the game. Maybe if they had been able to string out the zero's longer things would have gone differently but scoring whenever you can isn't a bad strategy. After #2 Bryce Anderson caught a pass on fourth & 15 a few yards shy of the end zone and dragged two would-be tacklers in for six, the home team recovered a fumble at midfield.

That momentum swing was short lived. After getting the ball close to the red zone the Rebels had a turnover fumble of their own. That second momentum swing would turn out to be the last one of the night.

From the 25 yard line going in, #23 Zach Sjoblad snagged a pass for a game tying score. As they sought to regain their lead, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton was aided by a nice run by #15 Carter Kohler and a late hit out of bounds penalty. After those plays, among others got them to the 10 yard line they were forced to kick the field goal but their coffin continued to be nailed shut on the attempt. From my vantage point it looked good but was quickly identified as a miss to the home side of the field.

Pequot Lakes made good on the miscue and featured key plays by #4 Nathan Traut and #5 Blake Lane before Traut finished the drive off with this first touchdown of the evening. With a minute and change remaining in the half the activity stalled until the open of the third quarter. Yeah, that's all the stall that the Patriots had in them for the evening.

They started at the 37 and after chewing up the first four minutes of the quarter hit pay dirt with a 37 yard touchdown run by #26 Deven Psych. After a missed point after kick the scoreboard showed a 20 - 7 deficit for the Rebs.

Their next two chances to score finished with a punt, sandwiching a turnover on downs by the Patriots even though they got a very short field. Once they got the ball back in the fourth quarter, Pequot dominated winning time. On the first play of their first possession Traut housed it from 52 yards out on a zig-zagging run that covered at least 60 yards of actual field.

That was the first time that DGF showed some quit or being tired or some combination of the two. Five minutes of game time later the Pats had the ball back and Traut had showed off again, this time from 33 yards away. With 6:05 remaining, but with 28 points as the difference each coaching staff sent in the second stringers for the remaining action.

It wasn't the game I was hoping to see but if it helps springboard the Rebels into the remainder of their schedule it will have been worth it. The Patriots on the other hand should be very pleased with the way they performed yet not rest on their laurels or that outcome could happen to them as easily as they did it!

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