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Friday Night Feature: Kindred @ Oak Grove

The top team from the Fargo area from last years playoff vs the home team, which would succeed? Off the first drive of the game, it seemed like the contest may get answered in high scoring fashion.

Oak Grove got the first crack at offense, starting at the 28 yard line. They managed to consume the first 6:10 of the game with the drive and capped it off with a four yard touchdown run by #22 Ben Hoggarth. The ensuing possessions of the first quarter were not successful, with each paying off fans of punters, aka no one.

But then Oak Grove broke the trend with their first possession of the second half. Starting just past the 50 the Grovers were again benefitted by the rushing ability of Hoggarth, from 25 yards out this time.

Not ones to be buried early, Kindred was finally able to kick their offense into gear. Like Oak Grove in the previous possession, the Vikings started their drive at mid field and also like their hosts, got their first score of the night from four yards out. Their momentum lasted a whole 14 seconds.

The kickoff started as usual but once it was in his hands, Isaac Olson made it special. In 14 seconds of game time he weaved his way through traffic and broke tackles on the way to a quick response, which put the margin of his teams lead up to 13.

The Vikings worked in the waining moments of the half to preserve the moment that they had captured off their score. After getting close enough to the end zone to attempt a field goal they got stuck at the six yard line and let their kicker do the rest. But the Grovers weren't having it and shut that scoring play down as well. That came as the clock closed on the half.

Coming out of the break, the question was what else may happen before the final buzzer would sound? The third quarter answered with a resounding thud. As in the thud of a foot against a ball from the punting formation, because little else was to show for those minutes of play.

The fourth quarter thankfully wasn't as fruitless!

On their first possession of the final frame Kindred go back into the scoring book with another short touchdown run to bring the deficit to a single score and the whole quarter to go. To continue their positive momentum, the Vikings forced a turnover on downs. The guests weren't able to pay off their defensive fortitude with any points though, which all but sealed the game from the Grovers, but their stud running back wasn't done just yet.

Ben Hoggarth finished off his evening with one more touchdown, this time from 16 yards out with a minute and change remaining to all but seal it for his team. The honor of officially stamping it a 27 - 14 victory went to Dylan Sutherland who secured a game ending interception.

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