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GF Red River @ WF Sheyenne

For 46 of the 80 minutes of Soccer played in West Fargo on Tuesday evening, Grand Forks Red River had the match in hand. During the 17 minute Maxx Andrade got the ball past the Keeper. For the preceding 16 GFRR & Sheyenne may have been 0-0 but the visitors held a distinct advantage in the amount of time in the offensive zone. That fact persisted into the second half but the home team slowed rolled the offensive zone percentage into their favor and in the 46th minute took the 1-0 deficit and managed to get the match all even again, off the foot of Hussein Mohamed.

For most of the remaining time it seemed as though the clock may run out with a tie. Neither of the teams had a decided advantage in their time of possession but the tie was broken by the Mustangs before it could go final. This time the netting came by way of Sondre Oestgaard. The timing of the score left me with a sense of irony as it came right after I was complimenting the Roughriders Keeper on his skills.

But back to the point, the score came with enough time remaining for Grand Forks to go into pressure mode, forcing the issue against West Fargo's Keeper & defensive strategy. But the home team was able to hold successfully and didn't let so much as a good shot attempt go off before the clock ran to zeros.

It won't go down as their most distinguished victory of the season but on a beautiful night in early September they made enough plays to not only come back and tie the match but then take the lead as well. So for that the Mustangs should be quite pleased with the outcome!

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