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Sunday Roundup (9/3/17)


NDSU's finally back with their signature attraction and didn't waste any time working their frustrations out on an unfamiliar foe. 72 - 7 could have easily been 100 - 0 but the starters didn't make it past half time. For this week's pick 6 about the game go out to the blog page!


The Purple made their cuts from 90 to 53 and have also retained some for their practice squad. Surprises abounded, mostly pertaining to the fact that we had guys who I had never heard of and probably won't ever hear of again. #Campbodies. For more about roster cuts and all the latest rumors & details about the Purple in the days leading up to game 1 check out http://vikingsterritory.com/ We're 8 days from Vikings Football being back & hopefully better then ever!


The red birds close out the regular season tomorrow but with a 2 game cushion for the wild card they may not be done quite yet. The enigma seems to have been ironed out and they've continued to play well. Maybe not at a champion's level but improved from recent years.


Speaking of wild card playoff, the Twins are playing their way into the AL wild card game. Look no further then the fact that in September, 8 days away from the return of the royals, a part time Baseball fan is still engaged enough to tune in to the radio broadcast. It's a huge deal and seems to have no sign of stopping!

High School Football


West Fargo 41, Bismarck 0

Fargo North 21, Williston 18 (You can see the game recap out on the blog page)

Fargo South 21, Mandan 15

Fargo Davies 32, Minot 59

WF Sheyenne 42, Bismarck Legacy 44

Shanley 48, Grafton 0

Oak Grove 41, M-NS 24

Hillsboro-CV 44, Northern Cass 0


Barnesville 27, DGF 14

Fergus Falls 13, Willmar 28

Other scores for the Minnesota side not yet posted due to the holiday weekend.

That's about as good of a result set as we'll see, but I think I said that last week as well so maybe all the schools will have good seasons. Either way, they're off to a great start!

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