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Sunday Roundup (8/27)


Football kicks off days from now. Days, not months or weeks but finally just a single digit number of days. But they won't be the first ones to the competition plain. The ladies of the pitch and the Volleyball court have both already taken their ball into play a few times but haven't had much success through the earliest goings. The rest of the fall athletics are kicking off this week so the hype will keep building, but for those who need some Bison action before Saturday, September 1 is plump with activity.


Glad that there weren't any major injuries to report from the last week. Since they're playing right now there isn't much else to say but check out the new Football post game content that will be coming out soon!


They transitioned into the new week with the worst outcome they could face being a .5 game deficit in their pursuit of the wild card. I can't help but continue to notice how the Redhawks are oddly emulatory of the Twins, but we'll get to the big club in a second. The Hawks aren't a championship caliber team, it seems, but making the playoffs would be a nice reminder of the days when they were a championship organization and a springboard into their uncertain future.


Byron Buxton powering the teams offense. Bartolo Colon & Kyle Gibson hurling like the aces that neither of them actually are. The Twins have transported us to the bizarro world. Maybe the Vikings can win the Super Bowl here...my Minnesota skepticism doesn't want to allow for the consideration. In either case, the Twins are still playing at a surprisingly high level. Sure they're enigmatic at times but the surprise should settle in at some point, right? Maybe not before the seasons done.

High school


Wahpeton 28, Central Cass 8

Fargo South 28, Williston 0

Fargo North 23, Dickinson/Hope Christian 9

West Fargo 36, Minot 20

Shanley 14, Jamestown 7

Kindred 13, Carrington 26

Oak Grove 47, Heart River 7

Fargo Davies 20, Bismarck 48

Hillsboro 48, Park River 12

That's just the Fargo area's worth of Football scores. It was a good package of outcomes and will get more extensive once the Minnesota contingent gets underway. Not to ignore the other Fall sports, but listing them all would make this obnoxiously long. You can see my first game recap for Soccer here & Football here!

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