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Hat Trick in the Kick(off)

The fall sporting season may have officially commenced last Friday when a pair of 9 man teams squared off in Southeast North Dakota but last night represented the first action by schools in the immediate area. There was a quartet of soccer matches around Fargo, with only one being a match between teams not from the Fargo area. So as Grand Forks Central came South, I made my way to North to take it in.

It didn't take long after the ball was rolled out for the visitors to all but seal the nights victory. In the first 15 minutes Central had a three to nothing advantage. Two of the three came off the foot of Sophomore William Lawson-Body. That would have allowed for a compelling contest by the end because North managed to put the ball into the net twice before the end, but the Knights scored four more times, which took any chance at drama out of it very early - they held a 5 - 1 lead at the half. Lawson-Body managed to finish the trio of netted shots but was joined in the scoring column by Sylver Osodo, Jace Johnson twice & Kyler Briske.

Starting the year off with a three goal scorer and seven in total is the story of the one match but the larger story is that Tuesday night represented the start of the 2017/2018 school year. It may not have been the official start of the activities but it was the first night of earnest activity, and did not disappoint that billing. So here's to a good start that will hopefully continue on through the end of the Spring sports!

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