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Sunday Roundup

Quiet Campuses

NDSU, MSUM & Concordia have all began their fall slate of athletics. As has already been demonstrated, that can quickly result in injuries that subtract a year or more from their normal lives. But over the last week there's been a welcome quiet on all three campuses as far as injuries go. In practices and in training, there is no greater take away then that, in my opinion. With the contests that count days away just hope that it stays that way for each school, team & player until then & through them all!


A semi season defining series against Winnipeg that began with a narrow victory was quickly dashed by a pair of losses. A split is still a possibility if they can get game four tomorrow but after today's loss the hole that they're in may be too deep to get out of. If the team that was nearly unbeatable after the break can come back for the rest of the season they'll increase their odds many fold but that's a long shot right now.


Would petitioning for the Twins to move to the National League do any good? No. Yeah, I know it wouldn't but they seem to do so much better against the NL. I'm not delusional enough to think that they would put up 27 runs per series even with a change. Nor would they go 162 - 0 but they've gone 7 - 0 this month against National team. Maybe they wouldn't have such an atrocious run differential. Yeah, I know that I'm dreaming but it would be so nice! Off the sweep of Arizona they got to a winning record this week but lost the games that counted the most and by extension basically ended the narrow margin chance they had at winning the division. So take what you want from the week, I'm taking dreams of a change of conference!


After the scrimmage disguised as a game, there was a lot of deserved negativity about where the team was at. That was quelled somewhat by a much stronger showing on Friday night out in coffeeville. The two main concerns after Buffalo were the run defense and the offensive line. While there is undoubtedly more improvement for each element, they took an encouraging step in the right direction against the Seahawks. They may have lost on the scoreboard but I'd take an 0-4 preseason if it meant that the team was primed to go 10 - 6 or better when the games counted! So no serious injuries and improvement in play. Can't ask for anything more then that from a preseason game!