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Bird Watching

After news broke last week that the skipper was relieved of his duties I wanted to see the team's reactive performance in person, against one of the team's they're chasing. It just so happened that their first home game following the news going wide was against Winnipeg. Desire meeting opportunity, that's a concoction to pass up. Too hard as it happened and I'm glad for it!

If starting pitcher Tyler Alexander's performance is any indication, the red birds are not only not waving the flag on the rest of their season despite the loss of their long time leader, they are going to do everything they can to stay in the division race. It would be foolish for them to wave the white on it since they're currently sitting just a game back of the division lead. While it was recently a three team race between the Redhawks, Saints & Goldeyes, things have gotten much more congested. But that all adds to the importance of game one against Winnipeg on Friday night.

As I already eluded to, Tyler Alexander pitched a gem. Every time he gave up a hit or was forced to watch a batter take a free walk to first, he would find a way to work out of the jam. The 10 strikeouts that he tallied certainly helped but it was more then that, he put the whole club on his back and showed how good of an ace he is each time that he could...and had to. The pressure never came off so it could a near perfect effort to keep the one run lead that Alexander was handed half way through. He didn't take the mound for all nine but when he handed the ball off, his battery mates didn't let down at all. So it may have lacked the fire power and offensive fireworks that have been the Redhawks theme very often this season but I think the players wanted to save that for the post game or more likely, a later day since it was the first in a four game weekend series. I wouldn't count on another one run victory over the span so if they stocked hits & home runs away, hopefully they're able to draw them out when they're need most.

Can't be certain of that though.

I would contend that certainty could be established on the fact that the team hasn't and doesn't plan on packing it in any earlier then they have to! So while Autumn is coming rapidly, and with it all the included activities, don't squander the chance to watch one or two (or more) of the birds outings in the coming weeks!

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