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Uff'das Rain

Injuries and Football are about as unavoidable as Winter in Fargo, except without any of the fun that accompanies Winter and a whole lot more frustration. It can be frustrating to hear about torn and broken parts of bodies as a fan, but without living it (& I wouldn't wish that on anyone) true knowledge of what it's like isn't possible. But I am a sports fan, just like you. A rube who bleeds the colors of the teams that I support the most. So today I find myself trying to grasp the implications of a couple of early injuries to key players on the Bison Football team.

One Greg Menard has already been lost for the year. Then came word last night and early today that Jeff Illies was seen displaying signs of injury as well. Barely a week into Fall camp, this isn't a good start.

Some out there are already espousing the notion that it's more then a coincidence. Maybe it's the lens by which I heard, but some of the "experts" seemed to imply some kind of a cursed nature upon the program. These may be people who buy that we're the product of random chance and billions of years of happenstance. I don't fall into either camp. Football is a violent activity and injuries happen on a near daily basis because of America's game.

I will concede that the pattern of injuries to key players is troubling though. That's an undeniable fact for any Bison backers. But 2016 was the first year that the injuries happened at the wrong time and in too great a number to be overcome. So I don't think we actually have to press the manic button just yet. And hopefully never. There were more important players then the two who have gone down and those same key players are still good to go.

But, if I may (and since this is my blog, I may), I have a theory about the "trend" of injuries. That some times bodies just can't handle the strain that is put on them. Maybe that's a "duh" statement but hear me out. Isn't it possible that the physical rigors that these young men put themselves through on a continual basis may play a role in why some of them are going down like this? Cramer & his crew have been wonderful in getting all the players to their physical maximums but maybe it's just that some of these guys aren't able to sustain their maximum for five full years.

I'm not trying to start a rip job. Him and the rest of the training staff have been great, just gotta reiterate that for anyone decided to ignore me writing it the first time. But as the expressions of frustration come forth in mind and mouth, just try to keep a clear enough thought process as to consider other possibilities, and as needed let the frustration rain. Because I think both can happen!

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