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Sunday Roundup (7/30)


In one sense the local NBA landscape has gone pretty flat. But that's only if you disregard the rumor mill. I for one am trying to not pay much attention to the latest Kyrie trade "news." Be that as it is, I still have an opinion about it that I haven't expressed much, until now. Do not trade Andrew Wiggins. I have some idea about his deficiencies but a guy that young, that can score that many points and has continued to improve over his 3 years of play should be held onto like nobodies business! The fact that he's willing to be the third muskateer makes it all the better. But those are just the reasons I don't THINK he should be traded. The reason I don't think he WILL be traded is that Thibs refused to give him up to get his guy. Jimmy Butler is the coaches guy and all he was willing to surrender was an injured Zach Lavine and a backup point guard. Kyrie may be better then JB at some parts of the game but he isn't Thibs guy so I don't see Andrew Wiggins being apart of any package for Irving.


No one with the ability to assemble thoughts should consider this a slow time for the Purple but they made some news on things beyond the Mankato practice fields this week.

  1. Injuries

There will always be twists and tweaks during the Football season but after last year, every one that comes as breaking "news" is unsettling. The one that is most frustrating is the mystery one that has already sidelined Riley Reiff. Can this team ever get a top 20 offensive line group?!

  1. Extensions

  • Everson Griffen

  • Xavier Rhodes

  • Others?

It's not relevant to training camp but each year about this time there are deserving veterans who get paid. Some times the contract is premature (Kyle Rudolph) but the team rarely makes mistakes with who gets a larger piece of the salary cap pie. Hopefully the two recipients so far this year can play at even higher levels then before - specifically resulting in more sacks or interceptions.

As for the on field action for the Vikings, they only just put on the pads for the first time last night so any rumors or supposed trends from the first few practices are totally premature. But let's hope that Dalvin Cook can stay healthy and keep making waves for all the right reasons!


It was good while it lasted. Let me preface what I'm about to say by saying that I'd still favor the Twins to finish the season around .500. Before it started, that's really all anyone was asking for. It may be a disappointment if that's all that they end up at, record wise but that just proves how fun it was for a while. Now the trade deadline is looming and they've already pawned off a pitcher who was at worst the third best starter, when they traded for him a few days ago. How much else they will sell remains to be seen but the front office has essentially waved the white flag. With Football commencing, it's well timed but still a little disappointing.


Most of the week went by as a part of the all star break but after resuming play on Thursday they stretched their winning streak to 11 games. Winnipeg was pummeling them on Sunday afternoon but whether they came back or not, that's a great run. Between the Redhawks, Saints and Goldeyes there's a three team race for first place that seems like it will go all the way into September. But besides the winning streak and starting the final third of the season with at least 3 wins, it was a pretty meager week.


I think to say that they went out with a whimper would be an understatement. Sort of like the Twins calling it as the Vikings start, so did the Fargo summer team call it on the verge of the Bison team starting in earnest. A 44 - 3 beat down. Nuff said.

Speaking of those Bison

There isn't much to say about them but with mere hours before the Football gets to work, one thing is certain - that Summer is winding down. Sorry to depress you, but enjoy it while you can! I for one hope that a week from now there are the same number of healthy players that there are right now. For more on the Bison Football team, you can my Offense & Defense previews by clicking the links.

That about does it for now, but this marks the last Sunday before all the buzzing really begins. Whether that's good or bad is a matter or perspective but I'm firmly in the camp of those who are ready for sports to start in earnest again!

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