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Rapid Fire Round Up

Main story on the sports landscape in these parts is the trade for Jimmy Butler. I tried to take a legitimate stab at how the trade could turn out badly, if you want to see it just scroll down the main page a bit.

I have since come to realize that my attempt was lacking or rather my ability to see the worst may be. I've already heard repeatedly about two years from now when Butler may choose to take his talents elsewhere. Excuse for a moment while I get my soapbox




ARE YOU KIDDING ME! TWO YEARS??? 164 games. Over 700 days from now. That's what people are choosing to take away from this?!?!?! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!! The Timberwolves got a great player and instead of just appreciating it and the likelihood of much improved outcomes, the approach is to go as far off the rails into the deep end of negativity that people can. Is there any wonder that things don't actually ever get better?!




alright, enough about that though.

Wait, go Timberwolves!

Okay, now I'm done

The Redhawks and Twins have both been up and down but at least the Minnie & Paul's managed to get a sweep of the Indians this weekend. I really hope they can figure out why they're so much worse at Target Field then they are away from it because that would be the next gargantuan step for these young baseball players. Speaking of Baseball, NDSU's ace signed on to continue his playing career with the Angels of Anaheim. Congratulations and keep it up Luke!

On the football front things were pretty quiet this week from basically every side.

NDSU Basketball followed the Football team by announcing the scheduling of a game in the coming season against the University of Southern California. It's not quite as impressive as playing Xavier was this past year but it's still a test against a school in a higher class of talent. I can't imagine the players being upset about going to SoCal in November either!

That's basically it for this week and things probably won't be much different until fall camps start getting underway. It's still kind of crazy to me how quickly it will all be here again and subsequently usher to an end the summer fun. So enjoy it while you can and then enjoy that when it comes!

Side note, Carson Wentz has been back in town and spoke to a crowd tonight. I recorded it and posted it just before this so go check it out!

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