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Sunday Roundup (6/18)

It's officially the season of all - star games, traveling teams and league play. I'll cover some of the various events and tournaments as they take place and I am able but for this week that wasn't the case.

Of note amongst them were another pair of all star games between Fargo & Bismarck, but this time it was for Volleyball.

There was also a team Football camp at NDSU over the weekend.

Legion Baseball also completed it's second week. Post 2, the Fargo branch, was guarenteed to finish about .500 regardless of today's outcome which according to the website was still TBD so it may have been called for some reason. They head out to Omaha for most of the coming week before returning home to end June and start July. It should be a good summer, however things break for them between now and the later summer tournaments!

But beyond those headlines there were a few other stories that came to light this week.


Categorize this one under better late then never. NDSU locked in a trio of non - conference games for Football between 2018 & 2020. First against North Alabama in 2018, then UC Davis in 2019 and Drake in 2020. I think I've heard of UC Davis but can't confirm that. I know I've heard of Drake but I didn't know that he had a university named in his honor (or something). But really, this goes to show how difficult it is becoming for NDSU to schedule non - conference games. The Big 10 & Big 12 have both gotten run over so the schedulers have moved onto the Pac 12. That should last a few years at least. Eventually we'll have to get to the SEC...not sure I'm excited about that...pretty sure I'm not actually. If it's a choice between middling or low level FCS teams and SEC opponents, I'd take the money, the experience & the potential for more nationally televised games. Just sayin...


The Baseball Birds continued their recent run of poor play. Losing three in a row at home against Lincoln, which followed up a lost series over last weekend against Winnipeg. They closed out the week, and started a six game road trip, in Wichita today. They're bound for Kansas City as I type but dropped their sixth contest out of the last eight. It may be a slump or this may be the team that they were from the start. It's still closer to the beginning then the end but each day closes that window. Today's 2 - 1 loss may be the most frustrating since it was within reach the entire time, the pitcher's for each team were just better. Not being able to score two runs can't be an easy pill to swallow though. After the trio in the royal city, they return home for seven more. That 10 game stretch will go a long way in determining the remaining two months of the season, here's to hoping that it turns positive again!


The most unfortunate news of the week was from the #1 pro team in the region. Michael Floyd is a talented wide receiver but he's displayed a regrettable affinity, possibly even addiction to the bottle. In no way am I making light of alcoholism. He may not even be that far down the road but failing a mandatory (meaning he knew it was happening) breathe test doesn't bode well. Odds are heavy that he'll never see the field in the NFL again. He may get cut very soon but the Vikings have so far allowed things to play out. Events on the field or otherwise pale in comparison to a man's future and life which may be hanging in the balance. Get better Floyd, get help!


The information fort knox has continued to live up to itself. Since coach T showed up the place has been more tight lipped then a lot of the government officials these days, even though Sports aren't nearly as important as those secrets. Sad. Anyway, there's a general understanding that no one knows what the Timberwolves are thinking in the approach to the draft or free agency. They might trade it. They might trade Rubio. They might draft somebody. It's anyone's guess right now and I can't decide which way I would lean. There are a couple guys I'd be very excited about seeing in Timberwolves garb, but you'll have to check out my draft preview to see who.

However the brain trust chooses to proceed, there will undoubtedly be plenty of news about the Wolves at this time next week.

One transaction that took place this week may have shaken the draft preparations for them. The Boston Celtics traded with the Philadelphia 76ers to go from #1 to #3 and pick up an additional pick next year. It may not change where the players are selected to start their careers but it could have implications that no one yet knows about. It's unrelated to the Timberwolves but I think that the C's won that trade. It's very possible that come the lottery next May, Boston will be sitting with two top five picks to improve their already successful and talented team! It must be SOO nice to be a fan of a franchise that knows what it's doing and does so many things well!!


The expansion draft proceedings are happening at this moment but not much is known right now. By next weekend their roster will be changed some, possibly drastically or very little. Can't say that would be a fun time to be a professional GM!


The "perfect" women of Basketball took a tumble. They only play during the regular season because they have to but it would have been exciting to see another perfect run into the playoffs. As long as they're healthy and clicking come the run for another championship, it doesn't really matter, but it would have been a nice angle, but it doesn't matter...but it would have been fun.


😒 A 4 game sweep. Really?! 😴

If they indeed do fail to yet again make the playoffs, their ineffectiveness at home will be the undeniable reason why. They have plenty of more chances to take back those games from the Indians but going 0 - 4 is not a great approach to finishing that endeavor! I'm not calling for a broom to the season or for anyone to go into panic mode because none of you, if you're being honest, expected the start that they've given us. But a good start leaves us wanting more. Hopefully it comes. Hopefully they have a lot more games on the road then at home, as weird as that is, so that it comes easier! For now though, it's not a great way to finish or start the week.

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