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Sunday Round Up (6/11)

Before I begin this week's recap and encapsulation of events in sports for the Fargo - Moorhead locale I am pleased to introduce a new addition to the website. You'll see it as chat in the main nav bar. It's not as convenient as a post by post comment section would be but that is not yet available, but this now is so it'll have to do. That's not meant to be complaint, just stating of facts - I'm very glad that Wix has come out with this element!

Anyways, take a look. Post a comment. Make conversation. Enjoy!

But now on to the sports

The Summer slumber was held off for at least one more week as high schools from the Minnesota side of the river continued their playoff races. In addition they were the Track & Field qualifiers from NDSU competing out in Eugene, Oregon. Oh, and the Redhawks played through a pair of series as well. What to start with I wonder? Let's go with the name sakes!

The Stampede West

The game of Baseball has been called a great equalizer. I support that notion but even Baseball and Softball have powerhouses that get the higher end talent. Not going to try spin that it isn't the same for Track & Field events but from the coverage that I've taken in, the number of schools with qualified competitors seems much greater then in many of the other sports. The shear number of events certainly contributes to that but doesn't change the fact that mid majors seem to have an equal footing with schools from the super 5 in a different way then in all the other college sports.

NDSU was amongst those schools vying for top honors in several events and came away with a fair amount of hardware.


The top finisher for the ladies was Alyssa Olin (Mott, ND). She finished 12th in the Javelin, Not far behind the North Dakota native was Rose Jackson (Willmar, MN) who placed 15th in the long jump. Both athlete's performance resulted in second team All - American honor for their particular event group.

Rounding out the local talent in Nike land were Taylor Janssen (Moorhead, MN) for the Steeplechase, Katelyn Weimerskirch (East Dubuque, Ill) for the Hammer Throw and Morgan Milbrath (Minot, ND), Alexis Woods (Parshall, ND), Jackson & Amy Andrushko (Dugald, Manitoba) for the 4x400 relay. Each finished 20th or better in their various events.


The guys didn't have as many competitors representing the herd but they also managed to succeed. Matti Mortimer, the resident Brit, was first on the docket. He took fifth in the Javelin and in so doing completed a third consecutive year amongst the ranks of All - Americans in the event. His running mate, pun only sort of intended, Alex Renner also finished his time as a Bison in impressive fashion. The Watertown, SD native notched eighth place in the shot put, good enough to also make the AA list.

Great job, both in your competition and in your representation of the university!

Spring closure

  • The closest remaining schools for Baseball were Parkers Prairie and Alexandria, which is to say that it wrapped early as far as I'm concerned. Baseball is just scratching the surface of the playoffs going on these days, thankfully!

  • Softball didn't fare much better with DGF being the lone representative from the region to make it to the state show down. The Lady Rebels didn't waste their chance, winning the third place game in decisive fashion.

  • Out on the links there were markedly more competitors. Male Golfers from Detroit Lakes, Hawley, and Crookston managed to claim at least one more tee time of season. On the other side of the gender line, Park Christian, Detroit Lakes and Breckenridge have representation this Spring/Summer.

  • Back to Track & Field, Moorhead finally found it's way into state, times 3. Claire Howell, Otis Weah & a team in the 4 x 400 all made their way to Hamline this weekend. They weren't the only ones from the Red River Valley to represent though.

  • 7th Grader, Emily Schoenecker made it from Barnesville.

  • DGF made an impressive showing in this as well with competitors in five different events. Garrett Scheel in the 400, Dan Wilson in the 800, Ethan Edeen in the 110 Meter Hurdles, a team of those three plus Dan Beyer in the 4 x 400 and Spencer Ewen in the triple jump.

  • Rounding out the locals were another five from the Breckenridge area. Kajsa Johansson was in 100 M dash. She was joined by Abigail Wesson, Paige Olowu and Kaitlyn MacBean in the 4 x 100. Speaking of the 4 x 100, the boys had a relay team consisting of Joshua Taylor, Elijah Zackery, Ronnie Richardson-Ma and Alex McFarland at it as well. Saylor Hawkins took to the High Jump. David Roddy tossed the Shot Put.

  • The finals were taking place today and none of the results were posted yet but that many competitors from the mid Northwest is great, however today played out!

Playing with clipped wings

Safe to say that the hot start is now past. Whether it was the result of their competitors level or they were just raring to go into the season, they've not been as successful since getting home off that road trip. To start this week they hauled themselves out to Gary, Indiana for a four game set. After winning the first, they got rolled. Things didn't get much better after making the trek back Thursday night.

They dropped the series opener to Winnipeg before forcing the rubber match with a win on Saturday. Losing competitively is one thing but come today they weren't even able to manage that. Similar to the Twins, I think we're starting to get a sense of the real make up of this team and that the hot start was more mirage then oasis. Hopefully Skip and the boys can right the ship and if nothing else, make for a competitive summer of Baseball at Newman. More then that would be great but gotta have a little objectivity about it.

The Prose


In a 162 game schedule one game has little value, especially as early in the season as the team still is. With each passing contest, and each victory, the Twins draw ever closer to making the playoffs once again though. It's a game by game process. I didn't see it coming. Not at all. Maybe some out there did but I'd be skeptical. If they continue playing at an above .500 clip the playoffs make come to fruition. That won't be known for months though. What we are beginning to find out is that the Twins may have 2/3 or 2/4 of a playoff starting pitcher rotation. Berrios may hit that cliched wall but he's 5 - 1 today and has yet to face more then he could handle. Him and Ervin Santana are making for a great 1 - 2 right now. With the draft and the trade deadline still to come both the present and the future may get even better. It's about time!

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