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NoDak Show Down

One of the last high school sporting activities of the year took place on the banks of the Red River in North Fargo on Tuesday night. It was the second meeting of a two part Softball all - star game between players from the Eastern Dakota Conference, EDC and the Western Dakota Conference, WDC.

I've come to be suspicious of these kinds of select games. For different sports, at different levels, there are different reasons. When it comes to a team oriented game, having familiarity with the others on the field can be crucial. It's to highlight talents and get some extra exposure, which I'm all for but they can be more error filled then an ordinary game because of the unfamiliarity with ones teammates.

That wasn't the much the case for North Dakota's finest softball players though. It was a swing heavy contest. The West scored first, then the East, then the West, and so on until the scoring was completed. When it was all said and done the scoreboard read a whopping 15 - 9 in favor of the "home" team.

For stats and a little more on the game you can go to 740's website. Even thought I'm not a believer in these kind of exhibitions, per say, I would hope that the little bit of extra field time may result positively for any of these seniors who want to play at the colleges that they will be attending!

But enough with the words, enjoy the slide show!

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