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Best of the Bison

All day I've been thinking about two questions related to sports in this region. The first I approached ad nauseam here. The second is related to the weekend win by the woman of NDSU. Is their defeat of the Oklahoma University one of the best in NDSU athletics history?

I posed it to Bison radio and they actually spent some time discussing it. I wasn't satisfied with the approach they took though so I'm going to keep going with the idea. They said that comparing sports to each other is likes apples and oranges. Realistically, they're right. Football is different then Basketball; is different then Volleyball; is different then Baseball; which is different then Softball.

Part of the reason I posed it to them is because I actually enjoy the discussion of top 10 lists on the radio. It was apparent that they didn't want to approach it that way, which is a completely acceptable prerogative.

There was another distinction made during their discussion as well. From a fan perspective, Softball barely moves the needle. For most it pretty much boils down to Football and some Basketball. But it still matters immensely to those who play and are connected to those parts of the program. So even though most people may not give much attention to the sports other than Football & Men's basketball, I think the best of all NDSU athletics deserve highlighting.

So without further adieu, NDSU's top 10 accomplishments:

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