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17th Run

Marathon's are an intriguing phenomenon of mental and physical fortitude and desire. I'm not a runner so the fact that tens of thousands of people rolled out on Thursday and Friday for the short races is both mind boggling and remarkable. Those reactions are ratcheted up several fold for the 10K, half & full marathons. Yet people do it on the annual and in increasing numbers year by year in Fargo.

For the last two months I've several times both thought to myself and expressed to other how I wish Fargo had a signature. One particular thing that when the residents go elsewhere they can mention and inspire excitement in others as a way to get them to see what we have to offer. May never happen, but as a lifelong NoDak & Fargoan, I'm still hoping. The Fargo Marathon may be the closest thing to a signature attraction. With the way it's grown, I think a case can be made for it, but for a none runner like myself it's a curious development.

Some run for the love it.

Some to support a cause or a loved one.

Other's still may do it as a test of their own strength.

Whatever the reasons, the Fargo Marathon continues to grow and that's good for all involved - both runners and spectators, especially when the weather behaves!

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