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Draft Day, Final Guess & Updates

The day has finally arrived. Answers will start to be revealed. I wish the Vikings had a pick today but Sam Bradford is worth the pick so that settles it. The draft really starts tomorrow and it should be a great two days!

On to the final predictions

Round 2

  • Garrett Boles (Tackle)

​Well, I couldn't have gotten that much more incorrect. Not only did he go in the first, he was the first o-line taken.

Luckily, only one other line man was taken in the first and there are a bunch of guys left over to join the covenant! Offensive Tackle has been reinforced since the season concluded so while Cam Robinson may very likely be available at 48, Guard may make more sense. The top ranked one who will probably be left when the Vikings go on the clock, according to some sources, is Dan Feeney but he's had a troubling number of injuries in his history so I'm hesitant to grab him. So if quarterback defense is the priority, trade down. Otherwise, take the best player available and walk away with a future starter. With all that in mind, if I were on the clock I would pin

  • Curtis Samuel (RB/WR/Returner)

as the first choice for the Vikings. The versatility he would offer would make up for a lot of the players that were signed away from the offense already.

So it turns out that I was on the right track going with an offensive weapon but missed again, albeit by a more narrow margin then my first guess. In a surprising development, the Vikings traded up from 48 to 41 and drafted Dalvin Cook. One pick after Curtis Samuel was taken. No idea if the Vikings were interested in Mr. Swiss Army Knife but they obviously were all in on the Seminole.

On talent, it's a great pick. How he is when not being monitored will ultimately determine whether the selection is a success or a failure.

Round 3

  • Charles Walker (Defensive Tackle)

  • Desmond King (Slot Cornerback/Safety)

As far as round 3 went, it was preeminent trader Rick. The Vikings started the round with two picks in the third and fourth followed by one each in the final three rounds. He turned that into 1 pick in the third and three picks in the fourth and seventh. The Vikings LOVE their seventh round picks...apparently.

They walked away with a highly coveted prospect by many Vikings fans in Center/Guard Pat Elflein, or as I call him Elfington because it's simpler even though it's longer. Whether he'll play at Center or Guard will determine the approach for the rest of the draft. So I got the third round guesses wrong but somehow both guys that I wanted in the third slipped through the round. So they'd be even better values and will make the fourth round that much more entertaining!

Some people, most notably PA, want or think the Vikings should take a Tight End and the fourth round absolutely could be the place for that. I'm holding strong that it's not enough of a need to be addressed until after the draft.

Round 4

  • Charles Walker (Defensive Tackle)

  • Desmond King (Slot Cornerback/Safety)

  • Taylor Moton (Tackle/Guard)

  • Anthony Walker (Linebacker)

Taylor Moton was another home run swing that I wiffed on BADLY! Like Garrett Boles, he was taken way ahead of where I thought he would be. Specifically, at the top of the second round. So admitting the obvious, I don't have a good feel of how these offensive lineman are being selected, to put it lightly. But we're left with the three top players on my board, with three picks in the round. That works out too well to actually play out in reality but I'll get one of these picks right!

I was right with two of the four positions that I thought could use bolstering in the fourth but didn't get the people performing those responsibilities so it's like a partial credit success.

Round 5

With the switch to a running back in the second, a different position needs to be addressed in the fifth. Originally I leaned toward center or defensive tackle. In this fantasizing, Glasgow will still be available in the sixth so with the one pick the Vikings have in the fifth round, go Kyle Fuller and have the next Sully or Birk!

The Vikings traded with the Chiefs for two picks in the fifth round. The first one they acquired was

  • Rodney Adams (Receiver)

Adams may fill some of the role that Curtis Samuel would have, just at a less valuable point in the draft. Isidora on the other hand, is another guy that partially fits the direction I thought the Vikings would go in the fifth round. Trades were a twist that I expected to happen but at one point left the Vikings with no picks in the round. I guess the lesson is that we shouldn't take any of the moves the Vikings make in a vacuum but instead to wait and see what else Rick and the Norseman do.

  • Danny Isidora (Guard)

I know nothing about this guy but he'll create more competition for the group in need of it the most on the Football team. So good!

Onto the sixth!

Round 6

  • Ryan Glasgow (Defensive Tackle)

It's a long way between four & six but with the Jaleel Johnson pick, taking Ryan Glasgow seems unlikely. In his stead I see the Vikings bolstering the guard position. If he's still available in the sixth, they should snatch

  • Nico Siragusa (Guard)

Siragusa was taken already so it's anyone's guess which direction the Vikings will go with the pick or how many more trades will be made before selecting another player.

Round 7

  • Eric Smith (Tackle/Guard)

After the draft

  1. Cameron Johnston (Punter)

  2. Tyler Rausa (Kicker)

  3. Jonny Mundt (Tight End)

  4. Gunner Kiel (Quarterback)

  5. Khalid Abdullah (Runningback)

  6. Ishmael Zamaora (Wide Receiver)

  7. 4 offensive linemen

  8. Kai Nacua (Safety)

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