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Alpha, Chapter 7

The housekeeping

You can see the rest of my mock draft work starting here!

I am neither the first nor will I be the last to address the Vikings approach to round one of the NFL draft but I'm going to give myself the distinction of being the most current prospector. As a little groundwork, the Vikings selections are as follows:

  • Round 2, No. 48

  • Round 3, No. 79

  • Round 3, No. 86 (from Miami)

  • Round 4, No. 121

  • Round 4, No. 129 (from Miami)

  • Round 5, No. 160

  • Round 6, No. 199

  • Round 7, No. 232

A year ago the Vikings seemed to have so few deficiencies. Today, they have more issues then one round of free agency and draft picks can resolve but with the moves they've made and will continue to make, they're on their way to getting things ironed out.

Before hypothesizing on what it may take for a trade into the first round to happen, gotta look at who may be amenable to taking action.

Because of the needs still to be addressed I can't bring myself to looking at the top 20 picks because of how many picks would be required to complete a transaction. From 20 - 32 there are three teams that stuck out as the most viable of patterns. Each has an asterisk that must be noted, but I'll get into them simultaneously.


At #20 this would take quite a bit of currency but carries the least rube wrath of the trio. The losses of the Sheriff a year ago and now DeMarcus Ware hurt both their offense and defense but there are still many players on their roster who were instrumental to their latest Super Bowl. My prediction is that they'll try to bolster their offensive line and actually move up themselves with a trade of one of their quarterbacks.

I don't think it's too far off to say that it would take all three of the Vikings top picks this year to get to #20. NOT AN ATTRACTIVE OPTION!


The Sea Gulls are my second least favorite team. If they traded Richard Sherman that would help but would be foolish since he is a good player...ick, I hate even admitting that. The Vikings have made several trades with them over the last few years so they don't share my ire, which is smart of their part, and also factors into their inclusion on the list.

Similar to the Broncos and the Vikings, the Hawks need work on their front line...possibly the most work of any team in the NFL. That's hurdle number one, I think. It wouldn't take as much to get to #26 as it would #20 but probably still the second, a third and a fourth. That's hurdle #2, a stumbling block and too much to give up, I'd say.


Another team I hold ill will toward, for reasons that every Vikings fan should recognize, whether you're in agreement or not. This is the most likely possibility I'd say. They traded with the Boston Cheaters Association to get the last pick in the first round. Two first round picks can go a long way in fixing a team but the Saints have a set of problems that may not be correctable with the selections. Every team and organization has flaws, NOS's is their financial work. When they pay guys it's sort of been a guarantee that they would ship that player off sooner or later - Jimmy Graham and Brandin Cooks are the most prescient examples.

It would probably take picks 48, 79 and 199 (if we're lucky), if not 160, to make it happen. As we all know, that's not the most the Vikings have given up to grab a player they like. I don't think any of the possibilities are above a 20% chance of happening but I would favor the Saints as a trade partner if pressed.

Let me say it again though. I don't think the Vikings will make a trade into the first round this year. That will make it markedly less appealing to watch the first round but I stand by the opinion that it makes the Friday & Saturday of the draft that much more intriguing for the Purple loving covenant!

What do you think? Is there a different team that should have been considered? Was I way off on the potential compensations? Tweet at me or let me know on Facebook!

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