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Vikings Mock: Chapter 6

Barring any unforeseen (and potentially detrimental) trades, round 2 of the draft will be the start of the action for the Vikings. Don't want to be too negative because there have been more examples of beneficial trades then ones that could have been avoided. I'm just strongly of the opinion that the more lottery tickets they have this year the better. Most years I'd say get as high as possible but I don't think that's the case this time. If you see it differently, say so.

If you want a refresher you can work your way through it all starting here

Round 2





Gotta be offensive line.

The Vikings big board should look something like that for the second round and every round afterward as well. It's just such a huge problem! There are three quarterback defenders that have first round potential. The one with the highest probability of slipping to the 48th is Garrett Boles, out of Utah.

There are red flags with him but there were with Sam Bradford and Everson Griffen and TJ Clemmings and Cordarrelle Patterson. Bradford and Griffen have worked out, so far. Clemmings and Patterson, not so much. None of them have had the same kind of problems that are associated with Boles but the organization has shown they're not afraid to take risks with their players.

It's not quite the home run that every other potential selection was that I've hypothesized about but the closer to the top, the easier it is to get a handle on which players are deserving of addition of the future super bowl winners. 47 picks in, it's no small feat to try to predict who will even be on the board but of the three top rated players in the group Garrett Boles is the guy, I think.

Wanna argue the fit or the value of picking him? Check my Facebook page, tweet at me or hit me up on Instagram. Let me know if you think that O line is no longer the top priority, if someone else should get taken in the second or just about anything!

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