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Silver-linings playbo...playblah

It's easy to be negative right now and for the last several games it's been deserved criticism but before I get into some of that, let's review the positive.


It took until the last weeks of the season for the Timberwolves to be firmly banished from playoff contention once again but ever after the terrible start to the season they were able to put themselves into the conversation for the eighth seed. It's been a long time since even that was the case.


We have our team to ride with. Towns will be the mega star. Wiggins can become an alpha level player that happens to be our #2. Lavine will come back and even if he's lost a little from that deep well of athleticism, his recovery should afford him the time to take leaps in the mental part of the game. Rubio, Dieng, Jones, Dunn, Bjelica and maybe Muhammed can, will or do compliment those guys.


We're going to be in the lottery again. The nearly 3 decades of lottery history which the Timberwolves have often been apart of will eventually result in the pack moving up. Say the balls move us from 7 to 5, a trade may be in order. Moving down is more likely which would lead to a tougher next step but I think the balls will bounce our way again and continue the positive run that the team and organization has been on for the last few years.

Florida State's big man, Jonathan Isaac has been repetitively linked to the Timberwolves in the draft. Hopefully the next selection, if there is one this year, has a more immediate impact on the team then Dunn has. But the draft is for another day and time.

There's plenty to be excited about with this team. The great play of weeks ago may not reemerge before the season's through but I think it gave a great glimpse of what can be. Unfortunately, most of the year has not been what could be but rather what shouldn't be. Bad play. Bad play. Bad play. Instead of taking the opportunity and hitting 40 or nearly 40 victories they've tanked again and seem unlikely to get to 30. One game. Just win a single game before it's done.

Going 9 - 9 would be much better but as a blinded rube not even I can see that happening. Just get 1 more win. 30 for the year. 30 wins PLEASE! The wins and whatever their final record is important and will already have shown some improvement from the reset finale but it may not be the most important thing to happen before next year.

Adding a veteran or three to this team will be crucial.

  • Pek - GONE! (Thankfully)

  • Jordan Hill - Gone

  • Adrienne Payne - Gone

Muhammad, Rush, Casspi and Aldrich may all be still be here but however things go with those four, there's going to be moderate turnover of the roster and it will be imperative to get the new additions right.

He shouldn't be the cornerstone of the free agent additions but the guy I would lose to see them bring in on a two year deal would be Tony Allen. A defensive stopper who would put to shame basically every other guard on the roster. Most significantly Dunn. KD's career arch has a long way to go but at this point his defense is much better then his offense. He needs to hit the gym hard this summer but bringing in a guy who could show him as a player what it takes to be elite defensively wouldn't be the worth approach to take.

Beyond him, bringing in someone with more name recognition may be entertaining but it would need to be for the long term benefit of our guys, not just for the immediate impact. Though immediate impact would be welcome as well!

Alright, so there you go. The near year end ramblings of a Timberwolves fan! The ride is getting better. With everything going on, just remember to not ignore the positive signs that are out there with this team.

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