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Vikings Mock: Chapter 5

You can see chapter 4, 3, 2 & 1 starting Here

For this moment though, we've officially reached Friday night of the draft. I've heard from some out there that the draft won't be as fun since the Vikings don't have the first rounder. I see their point, sympathize and agree (to an extent). But being able to go hot and heavy on the eve of the weekend is preferential I say. I don't agree or support it but for those of you who look for any excuse out there to binge on booze, Friday night of the draft should suffice. The only reason round 1 is on a Thursday is because they want the ratings. I much prefer it happening over two days. But enough about all that. Onto the picks!

Round 3

The third is where we can all start to remember how much of a gamer the GM is. Getting the extra third and fourth was a good take away last year. Maybe the best transaction in fact. Getting the two third rounders right is critical for the entire draft class. The second rounder may have more polish but we need more then one guy can bring. Ending the third round with three day one players is a must.

Pick 2

With every pick there's an impulse to go with a lineman but as I've said before, there are other needs to address. One of the potential strengths this year is at corner. With Rhodes, Waynes & Alexander all being drafted high the last few years I don't think it behooves the Vikings to use the first pick to bolster it even more. And if both Newman and Munnerlyn come back they may not need to at all this year but I want to get one of the guys from this deep group. Hinging on Captain re-signing here they could use a third big corner. Fortunately for the Vikings there are two who might fit. Ahkello Witherspoon from Colorado & Kevin King from Washington. They're nearly same physically but are ranked just inside the top 15 in the group yet still with second or third round. It's the same argument I've made before, I can't see 15 CB being selected in the first two rounds so if one of those two guys are available at the latter of the Vikings picks, take him.

With the surprising retention of Floyd defensive tackle, the position I was considering as secondary option at 3B is of less importance. He's only here for one more year, unless he gets an extension so another young guy being brought in but then there's the news that Datone Jones is coming over from Wisconsin and he has defensive line flexibility which pushes the need further down.

Pick 1

No two ways about it, the Vikings have to go offensive line early. Even with the additions of Reiff and Remmers it's a glaring need. It should be addressed as early as possible! Using currency to move up may increase the talent and potential level but having more darts to throw is the better direction to take. So I'm going to say that this pick won't be traded in an attempt to move up. When it isn't, they should grab the best offensive lineman on their board.

I don't like drafting for need but seriously, TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM! Taylor Moton from Western Michigan may be the most likely choice to make here but if you've been following along, you know that I'm going with the home run on each selection. Such is the case right now. Dion Dawkins may not have the height that some others do this year but he's tall enough to play guard or tackle and has the arm length if he is able to manage on the outside. In addition he was coached well while at Temple and should know what it takes to succeed after the recent run that the Owls have been on.

So an offensive lineman early followed by a cornerback. What do you say about that?

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