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Hey Silver, gimme 4!

I think I'm more excited by last night's win this morning then I was last night. It's soaked in and some of the implications have appeared after the fog of night. An argument can be made that the subsequent confidence is the most important thing. I'm not going to argue that. I think that these youngsters are plenty confident and the style of play screamed out about by coach T is starting to solidify.

Beating a top 3 - 5 team in the NBA, albeit without a NBA scoring champ, is YUUUGE! But they beat the Warriors out in Cali late last season. Getting it done at home, in front of a sort of friendly crowd may be bigger because they had the same chance a year ago but couldn't close. Last night they took some punches from the record setters and were able to keep their composure.

The thing I'm most excited about is the possibility of a 4 - 7 game series against the Warriors in the playoffs. Still gotta jump those hoops, not dismissing the difficulty that that task presents. The curious case is that by beating the Warriors they may have played in an instrumental role in the seeding at the top of the Western bracket. I'm a fan of the beautiful ball in San Antonio so I wouldn't be disappointed if that ended up being the 1 - 8 face off. Especially since the Wolves just pushed them to OT in their house. But let's be honest I just want four games like last nights. Gimme four! GIMME FOUR!

I would absolutely take a sweep if every game is as competitive as last nights! And I don't think a sweep is actually a given, but not even I can assume more then that right now.

As for the fact that the Wolves haven't been to the playoffs since 04. It's true. It's hateful but it's. The Wolves are in a playoff right now. Every game matter. They've created their own march gauntlet. Playing in a four game series is different then one offs, acknowledged but they are playing for their post season lives. It's every bit a play off. Would'a been nice if they had started the season a LITTLE hotter but they have a chance to make up the ground. Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, just gimme four games between the Warriors or Spurs! PLEASE!!!!

Obviously the NBA video department agrees cuz of the length of this highlight video!

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