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Clipping Cali

Does a regular season win deserve double GIFs and the positivity that they are linked to? Probably not, but I'm going there any way because it caps a third straight great game, in a row!

I don't care that they lost to the immortals on Saturday. San Anton is the preeminent organization in sports. Holding those dawgs to 83 through 4 quarters is great! Beating Utah like a drum was great! Having as little trouble with a top team in the West as they did last night was great!

There's a long way to go to bridge the three game differential with the Nuggets and I'm not going to pretend to be certain that they'll make the playoffs this year but this latest run of great play should officially dispel the notion that this is the same team as last year. Hopefully the wins have also put an end to the bad performances & the roller coaster ride that this season, and seasons beyond memory have known.

As far as last night goes, the Wolves did the clippin and will keep doin the runnin as long as they remember to play together and play that defense!

But that's enough analysis. Just celebrate!

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