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In the 👁 of it

The greater Fargo - Moorhead area has well below 500,000 people yet the amount of sporting activity in this area right now is befitting of a much larger area.

  • The high school Basketball tournaments have either already concluded or are still very much in their infancy.

  • MSUM's Basketball teams have qualified for the D2 tournament but don't play for a few days.

  • The Moorhead high school Spuds are on their way to the state tournament for Hockey

  • Both NDSU basketball teams have been eliminated and probably won't be in a post season tournament now as a result, unless South Dakota wins the Summit, I think.

  • Spring activities are just beginning

  • NDSU just wrapped up at the Big 12 wrestling tourney and has the NCAA's in a week and change

I'm sure there is so much more that deserves to be noted. It's just a crazy time for sports in this area. I wish I could see everything. Wish I could hear and talk about it. There's just too much. It's not unlike the cresting of a tide, after which the sea will be much calmer. Some call it the sports abyss and I'm inclined to agree with them.

Right now is no abyss, it's madness. I hope each team that's still in contention the best success possible. That come victory or defeat, they would comport themselves well with their opponents. There's always a winner and loser but the way that the players and coaches go about it is of more significance then the outcome in the long run. Whatever your allegiance or your level of involvement, don't forget that.

Please discuss any and all sports in the area that you are interested in or apart of!