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From a Roller Coaster to a Yo Yo

This whole season has been a roller coaster of ups & downs. Bad then better then bad then better. The whole time the Wolves have made a steady movement upward so that the lows now are higher then they were before. Progress. Competing against the top offensive team in the NBA is a sign of that progress.

Falling behind by double digits several times in a single game would seem to contradict the notion of that progress. Except for the last time, the Wolves managed to close the deficit on each occasion.

The Rockets should have gotten the W by 30 points, if not more but their defense as bad as their offense is good. If the Wolves could have held em to 120 it would been a good finish and maybe even another victory but the odds were not in their favor.

So they went from a coaster to a yo yo. It was tiring to watch and disheartening. Rubio had a productive second half. Wiggins set a franchise record for consecutive 20 point games. KAT just did what he seems to always do - play great. Tyus got more run in crunch time. They counter punched well but this should primarily be counted as latest example of why the defensive principles matter.

You could argue that if they had gotten a few stops then they also would have eased up on their own scoring so that it wouldn't have made a difference but the offensive skill that those guys have makes me think otherwise. It may have been just as worthwhile to watch a yo yo go up & down but these are still the kind of games that these fellas can and SHOULD learn from. Setting a record in a loss is never desirable but taking one from The Kid is not small feat. The memory of the loss will fade, the fact that Andrew Wiggins supplanted him in the record book will not, at least not for a long time. I would have given the nod to K Love if I had been asked who had the most 20 point games in a row but it's more fitting that it belongs to a guy who will hopefully spend the next decade playing pro in the North Midwest.

So take last night's loss for whatever you will. I see some positive and more negatives from it but hope that these kinds of games aren't the latest trend of the season.

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