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per·fect (ˈpərfikt/)

  1. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

  2. absolute; complete (used for emphasis).

It's a word that is too often thrown around in today's America. So many things are said to be perfect. An idea, a meal, a person, etc. None are perfect. Nor are any of them actually close to perfection but that's how people roll.

The dictionary definitions are achievable by human effort, at times. An undefeated - perfect - season is rare but when it happens it should be noted.

I'm not a hockey fan but I'm a sports fan and I'm proudly a North Dakotan. So when the high school Hockey championship went down last night I felt compelled to view it. I didn't know that Grand Forks Central was undefeated on the season or any of the recent history of the sport in ND. That all lead to me looking at it as though the two teams were on equal footing with the other. That's how a championship is supposed to hypothetically go but couldn't have been further from the way it played out on the ice. The Knights jumped out to a 3 - 0 advantage before the first period had expired. After the first intermission, Bismarck managed to net their quotient of the scoring and push it to a 3 - 2 game but it may as well have been 30 - 0 because Bismarck really didn't have a chance.

They had plenty of chances. Seemed to actually get more breaks in their favor then the undefeated did but were not nearly as capable at capitalizing. Grand Forks did not squander their chances to win.

In total they wracked up 7 goals. 7. The disparity between the two squads was astonishing. If you were to look at the box score or watch the game back it would be clear as day who the better team was, and that's coming from one of the most novice of Hockey viewers that there is.

Add the fact that Grand Forks Red River took third place in state and it was as exciting of a weekend for the city of Grand Forks as there has been, probably since UND took their championship about a year ago. I'm about Fargo sports first but can't ignore such a great accomplishment as a state championship and completion of an undefeated season. So congratulations & good job to each and every player for the Knights! It's as close to perfect as one can get on the high school level.

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