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Game 58

Teamwork tops Mavericks

What conclusions can be taken from the first game after the all star break and trade deadline? I would consider it wise to not draw any conclusions from it for the remaining 24 games of the season. But there were several noteworthy pieces to the 58 puzzle.

All three point guards getting plenty of run was fun to watch. The play of Rubio & Tyus together when the game was in the balance was another encouragement for fans of the head of the Blue Devil's trio.

Wiggins and Towns continued to play possessed and make up for the scoring that was lost when Lavine went out. We should be impressed and try very hard not to take their play for granted. They're showing that they are a good enough duo to win some games, which should get fans jacked up because of the improvements to the roster that should come this summer. But those guys are playing up to the level that they've established for themselves. How to balance being impressed with their play & the recognition that it should be that great is tough but should happen.

From last night's game I'm more of the opinion that the play of the points was preeminent. It may be the cynic in me but the fact that it worked like that right after the deadline passed seems like more then a coincidence, if you believe in those sorts of things that is.

Jones is here.

Rubio is here.

Ricky continued his run of great play.

Tyus continued to perform when given the chance.

It may have only been because of the match ups or it may have been a fraction of a concession by the coach about the players he has. Tyus Jones & Ricky Rubio are the better of the three point guards. I'm going to cling tightly to the tree and say that it will not be replicated tonight. Rick will start. Kris will relieve. Tyus will be the best third point guard in the association.

I'm putting it in code but hoping that I'm wrong. Dunn is still the future, if for no other reason then because he was coach T's first pick here. We're one game closer to the end. One game closer to having answers for the myriad of questions that exist with the Wolves.

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