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Un Rube Like

For several years now I've considered the word "rube" to be a creation of the KFAN in the Twin Cities. Turns out it's a word that's actually in the dictionary. I don't love the definition and won't be attaching it to the word going forward but for the sake of transparency the dictionary says it means:

  1. an awkward unsophisticated person

  2. a naive or inexperienced person

That's much more insulting then I ever would have thought. It's usage lead me to believe that it meant something like being a rabid fan, without the ability to be objective. I think that's how the show bodies have often intended to use it so as I said, I'm going to dispense with the dictionary definition.

So to be un-rube-like would mean that I actually have some objectivity about things in life and beyond sports. I think that happened for me today.

I was thinking about the season that the Minnesota Timberwolves have had. It's been disappointing for all but the most skeptical of fans, who I would argue aren't actually fans of the team.

I've been to games. I've watched or paid attention to every game this year. I've been bummed out by the way the season has gone. But I've never once reached the level of exasperation that I was at on a weekly basis from the Vikings bye week til the season concluded. That may be attributed to the fact that I'm more of a football fan then I am a basketball fan but I've tuned in just as much. Have talked about the Wolves just as much. But in a 16 game season, each game matters a whole lot more then any one does during the 82 game run for the NBA or NHL, for that matter.

But I'm actually coming to appreciate not having my days ruined by the way that sporting events finish. Not having to yell at the tv repeatedly. Not spending the rest of the day (or week) in a funk because of the outcome by the team I root for.

It's totally un rube like. To not sell out mentally and emotionally at every play. But it's good. In a world where there are so many more things to appreciate or concern ourselves with, not blooming or wilting with the fate of a game that I have no control over is just refreshing. This may result in the loss of my rube card but life has much more going on then sports. So while I'm going to keep tuning in and showing up to watch as many great performances and memorable moments as I can, it's about perspective. Trying to keep a healthy perspective on something which can be so all consuming and ever present is not an easy task but the minuscule amount of light that I'm seeing in the tunnel is refreshing.


Wanna argue it? Let me know why you disagree or if you agree with me!

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