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Wolves Week 17

Calf Ropin'

I had a thought before I realized that the Bulls were the Wolves opponents today but the game tied into it very well.

When was the last time that the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls & Los Angeles Lakers all terrible at the same time? The lack show at least are full of young, talented players. The other two are in much worse shape, even with the star power that they've got under contract.

Never was the point more clear then after today's beat down of the Bulls by the Timberwolves.

There have been more impressive victories this year but few have been as convincing. Deep into the second quarter the Wolves had em doubled up. That doesn't happen very often in the NBA.

If anything went wrong, beyond the normal stuff for an NBA team, then it would be very surprising. I didn't see or hear anything bad but did see and hear plenty of good. Coach T is getting it in order the way that I & many of us hoped he would be able to. I had my doubts but beating up on a bad team is a great salve for the wounds of being a fan for a bad organization. Turning the once great Bulls back into calves and tying them up so handily did the trick!

All Star Pregames

Two games encapsulated this season as well as they could. Looking lethargic and being out classed for most of the Cavs game then rebounding to get a decisive victory in Denver. It would have been nice for them to show up more against the champs but going into the break with a win over the Nuggets makes up for it, somewhat.

I've said it before & I'll say it again - 30 wins is the goal for the season. It's a far cry from the 50 that I thought was achievable this season, but things have gone much differently then I expected.

Beating the teams who we will be competing with for a playoff spot the rest of this year and likely next season has more weight then losing to a team from the East.

Now it's all star weekend. The Wolves will be sparsely represented but that allows for them to continue their mental ascension. And if there's anything that is sure about the team, it's that their minds need to catch up with their bodies. The off season will be the best time for that but getting nearly a week off doesn't hurt.

What shouldn't change is that Wiggins is absolutely crushing it right now! He's seeing the offense so clearly. And as long as his confidence stays high on that end his defense shouldn't be too far behind!

So enjoy the break and we'll be back next week!

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