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Bruins Get Paper Cut

To this point I have mostly tried to avoid games between in town opponents and ones that are getting presented on radio or tv. On a nondescript Friday night in Fargo, that wasn't a possibility. The number of games to choose from was on the short side but getting to see one of the top teams in North Dakota tipped the scales in the decision making process.

At the latest listing Davies High School is ranked #3 in the state. I've also heard them ranked #2. Whichever is accurate, the fact remains that they are one of the best. Having a perfect record will usually do that. The home team on the night, Fargo South High, hasn't had as good of a run and sit several games below .500.

It certainly helps that the Eagles have a guy who can score over 20 points, with all of them coming around the basket or from the stripe. The Bruins just didn't have an answer for senior big man Jake Paper. On top of his game high scoring, he also hit double digits in rebounds. It wasn't all Paper though. Senior guard Matthew Veit notched double digits in the first half. The pair seniors were joined by sophomore Jaden Clabo. If that trio had been all the offense for Davies, it would have been a tight contest but seven other players put it through the hoop by the time the game ended.

Fargo South had their chance to at least keep it close. With nearly half of the first half to go in the game the Bruins were able to get into the bonus. They didn't squander the opportunity by any means, getting to the free throw line several times in the first but they also didn't take full advantage of it either. Scoring with the clock stopped would have also eventually forced some of Davies players to take a seat early and for a while. For whatever reason, Fargo South didn't make a point of forcing the issue and drawing fouls by going to the basket. It's easier said then done but that was their golden opportunity to keep the game close.

When the halftime came, Davies was up 20 and window slammed closed. The Bruins were lead in scoring by sophomore Siadu Conteh & junior Jack Pifer. With only two seniors on their team this year, next year will be their chance to make some noise in class A. On Friday night it was all about the team from the new south, though.

Player of the Game

Jake Paper

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