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A Bur, A Spur; Ignoring the Pain

While I was watching the replay of the game I began to think about the yesterday's breaking news. That the Wolves are "actively" shopping Ricky Rubio. Several thoughts tentacle from that headline. First of all is that Thibs may in fact be the wrong coach for this team. There are already several occasions of him making decisions regardless of how things work on the court. Playing time for Rush, Jones and Dunn to put it simply. Rush has played well, when given time. Jones has made some nice plays when he gets in. On the other hand, Dunn's transition has not gone smoothly yet he get forces out onto the court.

I don't think trading Rubio would be the right move. He's shown a determination and stubbornness to do what he think's is best though. So while I watched the game it did lead to me thinking about different trade possibilities. The odds are near zero but the one that I would love to see somehow happen would be Andrew Wiggins and Rubio for Kawhi & Tony Parker. Yeah I know, it won't happen. Leonard is better than Wiggins by more then Rubio's superiority to Parker could make up for. What it lead to next is wondering why. There are few in the NBA with more potential then Andrew Wiggins yet he's an average 20 point average guy. That's a weird knock because 20 per game is still a good output but he just doesn't seem as good as he did during the last two years or even to start this one. What I'm wondering about is if he cares about the game.

He's good at it, pretty good and has the ability to play for a long time but I don't know if he cares enough to be the great player that he could be. The last player I can think of to do it because he could but not care too much was Shaq. He had the ease of his size to make up for some of his short comings. Wiggins has the elite athleticism but that may not get him to the champion level.

The game is a footnote to that stuff for me. They lost. They played good in stretches but crippled themselves with all the turnovers. The Spurs are still a champion level operation on top of that, maximizing those miscues. They've been a thorn in the side of plenty of teams for years and the Timberwolves are no different. It will change someday, maybe when Pop steps away but not yet!

As for the A topics, they will keep us wondering. Will Thibs make the right moves? I sure hope so! There's no way Glen Taylor is going to move on from him for at least a few years no matter how it goes. So hopefully he can see things clearly, keep his head out of where the sun don't shine and the players can step up their play too!

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