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Wolves Week 13

Stumbling at the Mid Point

It's amazing that the NBA regular season is halfway through. It's been another up and down season so far but the last 10 games or so have shown some improvement. I guess inconsistent is better then consistently bad but it still makes it hard to lock in.

The team ended on a decidedly low note in Dallas today. Lavine came back, which is good but the rest of the team just seemed off. It's unrealistic to expect Rubio's great play to keep going indefinitely and he still tallied 10 assists but as the primary ball handler (when things are going the best) the good and bad starts or stops with his play.

That said, he doesn't singularly bare the weight of the teams outcomes, and it shouldn't be close. The key 3 played ok but need to be better. Gorgui had a nice bounce back game from an ineffective effort against OKC. Bjeli had a nice first half but did little offensively in the second. Shabazz disappeared and Brandon Rush got under 4 minutes. Someone explain that please? I may have been too enamored with Rush's play but to get shelled like that after playing as well as he did just doesn't make sense to me!

So questions & frustrations abound, again. Maybe that should be the title of the season. I'm not calling for any overreaction because it's still only the 41st game with these players and coaches. And if recent history is any indicator then they'll play up to the level of the Spurs and Clippers this week. HOPEFULLY they manage that. As far as this one goes, it was just a bad game. Against a BAD team. A head scratcher.

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KAT in the Klutch

Through the 42 games this season and the 42 highlight videos that I've posted on here afterward, I'm not sure any has had a more fitting cover image. Towns dunking on dudes is a precise snapshot of the fourth quarter of last nights game. With the negativity over the last few days because of the slump that the team so quickly fell into. With the trade rumors swirling up once again. And with the fact that the Wolves were 0 - 10 in games decided by less then 5 points this season a finish like last nights was well needed!

It was one of those strange times where a guy was dominating but it was happening so effortlessly that it can be easy to overlook how well he was doing. Thibs probably still found things to pick at but I'm not going to go that way. He was a force and he showed all the skills that put him in as the linchpin for the potential success this season.

On national tv no less. And in the fourth quarter of a close game. Crunch time. Klutch time. I don't know how much I agree with things that Barkley says but he was right with the fact that Thibs needs to let the players play. Keep pushing them on the defensive elements that he wants but allow them to use their immeasurable talents to win games. Put in guys who can help so that the youngsters, no matter how young they are. Everyone's legs get tired sometimes. Put in guys who can take 10 to 15 minutes a game. That's not too much to ask. But I'm getting off track. The Wolves just beat one of the better teams in the NBA - albeit without two of their best players. Take every drop of positivity that you can from last night. Remember how it felt and what it took to finish off the comeback.

For the first time this year I thought that the Timberwolves might actually surpass last year's win total. A playoff berth is still unlikely but lower lottery odds would be quite alright with me, if they can managed to top 30 wins for only the third time since 07.

It's the rube in me, but I was just hoping that the Wolves would win because Wes Johnson is on the Clippers. And they won. Not that his presence has much, if anything, to do with many or any of the people in the organization now but as a fan I wanted it. Alright, that's enough. It was a good win and a great night of Basketball in the Fargo area!

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