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Target Center Defended

For the first 39 games of the season I've done the game summaries on a week by week basis. I may go back to that after this one but one game shy of the midway point a more full length feature seemed fitting.

Wednesday they beat the Rockets. Last night, the Thunder. There are a lot of different angles that I could take on this one. KAT doing practically whatever he wanted. Rubio, for the third straight game, dishing the rock like a mad man. Brandon Rush playing well when given time on the court. All were key last night but those aren't the topic I'm most interested in.

The question I'm asking myself, without an answer yet, is why it happened now?

The Timberwolves outplayed two of the best teams in the association for most of 8 quarters. More to the point it wasn't like they just outscored them to squeak out the wins. They limited the offensive outputs while turning their defense into offense. 105 against the Rockets was good. 86 to the Thunder is better. Both after having a much tougher time pulling it out against the Mavs on Monday.

But why did it happen now? When the guy who may arguably become the best player on the team was firmly planted on a padded chair. I can't help but wonder why the performance's were so much better when Lavine out with a hip injury. With all the talk of potential roster moves, will the last two games and each gaming going forward that he doesn't play in prove something to Thibs?

I don't want Lavine to get traded. Let me just say that right now. NOOOO. He's too fun to watch and has improved too much this year to want that. Maybe they'll stumble again tomorrow in Dallas and it'll be a moot point.

What isn't moot is that it can't be so simple as to just be that they were at home for four straight either though.

Asking questions without giving an answer doesn't sit well but it is the thing I'm most intrigued with coming out of the wins.

Whatever the potential answers may be, those are two quality wins. This season has been short on those so they are certainly worth enjoying. Defending home court should be priority number one for playoff teams so that they managed it, without ZL, against two of the best teams in the NBA will hopefully be the springboard that we want. Do it again tomorrow. Win on the road tomorrow. Then we'll have an even better idea of how things can go with them boys! One of my buddies has said repeatedly that the Timberwolves need to "show him something." I think they're starting to, if people just take the time to look!

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