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Hot Shots in the Grove

In all sports there is a touch of adventure, of mystery for what may happen between teams. Some times there are predictable outcomes but when a team never heard of plays a team that has won a recent championship, the questions abound.

For those who have never heard of Tri - State High School let me espouse for a second. It's an assembly of students from four different towns crossing the borders of Minnesota, North & South Dakota. I've never heard of such a thing but it must be working because from what I found they've been operating that way for nearly a decade.

When I looked at the program for the game I saw a few clear areas where TSHS would have an advantage. Such a potential advantage in fact that I thought they could overcome any difference in talent or coaching.

I was very wrong in thinking that way.

The Grovers jumped out quickly due in large part to hot shooting from junior Andrew Christianson. He tallied 25 by himself in little over three quarters of play. 17 of the 25 came in the first quarter.

But for them to hit the 90 point mark as they did, took some good work by his teammates. Seniors Justin Berg & Bryce Bakkegard managed to join in double figures for Oak Grove.

For what it was worth, Tri-State matched with three players in double figures as well. Sophomore Micah Christiansen led the way for the Tigers with 13 in the second half. Junior big man Abel Perry was able to tie his team at 13 as well. Third over ten points was senior Nathan Lick. Contributions from the rest of the Tigers roster were negligible while Oak Grove got offense from 10 other players.

If not for the fourth quarter mercy rule to keep the clock running and relenting on offense mid way through the third quarter, Oak Grove could have blasted past 100 points before the fourth quarter started. As it was, the game ended at a 34 point margin of victory for the home team.

Even with the mostly balanced attack, choosing the most valuable player is an easy decision from this one.

Andrew Christianson

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