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Wild Win Decision; Lose Match

I classify myself as a Hockey novice, at best. For the most part I don't find it interesting enough to watch on tv and when I've looked into getting tickets, have found the prices above acceptable levels. But when a heavy weight match happens, as did tonight, not even I can find suitable reasons to summarily dismiss it.

The Columbus Blue Jacks rolled in St. Paul on a 14 game win streak wave. More then anything else, it seems like a heavy weight match because of the 12 gamer that the Wild are currently on. Two teams on such extended streaks has never happened in the 100 years of record NHL history. I'm always in favor of being a part of sports history, even if just as a spectator. So while the NCAA College Football Playoff Semi Final between Ohio State & Clemzon is on, not mention some other shows which I would likely have on normally, I am opting to watch Hockey.

The first period went off as I expect most matches to. With only one goal and no fights. I can see the passing and even on occasion am able to notice a "finer" point or two, but don't ask me what they would be. They're a very fleeting memory.

Only being down one goal means that the forty minutes of remaining hockey are very much up for grabs. Maybe things will heat up after the break!

The second period was indeed more exciting. Four goals, two fights. Not to kick dirt on someone when their down but the dust ups (or maybe it would be ice shaving ups?) both topped the Rocking of Rousey last night. Sorry but I'm just a little bitter with how the fight went down so I had to get that one. But back to the point, it was exactly the kind of action that a non hockey fan can get behind.

When the guys threw their gloves down they didn't just go for a couple pad shots. They were all swinging at the faces of the opponent. Can't say I'm a Boxing mind any more then I am a Hockey one but it seemed to me that the Wild players both got in more and better shots then they took.

Unfortunately, when the horn sounded three of the four goals went the way of the visitors. A 4 - 1 goal heading into the final 20 minutes. It's still compelling tv but also disappointing!

The two goal deficit proved to be too much when it was all told. After pushing it to a 4 - 1 advantage, the Wild managed to answer back but could get no closer then 4 - 2.

Thus ends the streak. 12 wins in a row in any sport is an impressive accomplishment so the players have nothing to hang their head about. I have to wonder though whether the fights are what woke up the Jackets. Until they went down, the score was only 1 - 0. Then it got to 4 - 1 in pretty rapid fashion. If every competition has a turn point, I would wager that the fights were just that. So while there's nothing to feel bad about, I'm guessing the pros would rather have their thirteenth consecutive win instead of getting the decision on the fights.

In a way, they successfully encapsulated the entire 2016 sports year in this area. Going well for a while then come crashing down in emphatic fashion.

Go ahead and correct me in any way you may see fit.

If not, have a great New Year!

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