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F on the Eve; Pros & Cons

Last Sunday, after the putrid effort displayed in the season flop I was livid. A startling lack of desire by the Vikings lead to them getting run over by the Colts. The conclusion was this: people need to lose jobs. I don't like rooting for people to get fired but whether it be scouts, coaches or players, there has to be a shift in construct of this team.

Well that idea is all the more solidified off the loss in puke city. The offense should have done better but they managed three touchdowns - though garbage time was a big reason why. Most days, three touchdowns at the end of the game would have been enough. But the defense continued what is a baffling and precipitous drop from greatness into the realm of the Cleveland Browns.

That's Zims baby. His child on the field. How it went that way for two straight games is beyond my comprehension. Then the report came out about some of the game plan being disregarded. Whether it was for one drive or for a quarter or a half or whatever that CANNOT happen. In the mystery box that is the performance of destruction crew in the past 7 days that is of most note, I think.

Anger last week, bewilderment and apathy today.

I'll watch the close out against the Bears on Sunday and then we'll start getting into the draft. Off 5 - 0, I never would have imagined that this would be the outcome of the season. I guess it's an education in futility. Just gotta shake my head and hope it gets better next year.

As for today: it was another failure. A hard F...maybe even an F-. Maybe we should be grateful that it came the week after the Colts game since it was on Christmas eve.




I can't bring myself to that. It eased the blow considerably but I can't be grateful for that level of disgustingness.

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