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Worst of: Weekend

Maybe it's fitting that this theme popped up just before the new year. At this time of the year it's so in vogue to have best of and worst of lists. Photos of the year. Stories of the year. blah blah blah

None of that matters right now, but does sort of fit the theme...fortunately or unfortunately, I can't decide. In any case, I think this was very likely one of, if not THE, worst weekends for sports in the Min-Dak. I'll go chronologically, so bare with me.


News broke of the intention of the Minnesota Rusty Gophers to boycott the bowl game that they are slated to be apart of over some issue with the handling of players, accused or involved or maybe not involved in sexual abuse.

I get the whole team first mentality but as an outsider this wreaked. I have a stronger opinion on what should happen to rapists and abusers then most do but this came across so far to the other end of it that it made sick and mad.


The end of dominance. The Fargo newspaper's headline said something more severe then that but I respectfully disagree with them. The era that was the five straight championships is not over. The streak ended, yes. But last time they lost a semi final game they went on to win five straight championships. I'm not saying that will happen ever again by NDSU or Alabama or by Mount Union. There's was an era that ended. MU won 15 or 17 possible championships. No one has anything that these days!

But more to the point NDSU lost Friday. It was a gut punch. It was a shocker but it was maybe the third worst outcome of the weekend in the area.


Early in the day it was announced that the Gophers would end their boycott and play in the bowl game. Still haven't heard it addressed but I can't get past one question. What boycott?? It's so very millennial. "Oh, we're going to do something." "wait, nevermind." I don't care about the reason's they gave as why they flipped so quickly or why they were going to do it in the first place. This was never a boycott. Nothing happened. Maybe they skipped a couple practices and film sessions...woopdidoo. Who cares?! It was just more Rusty Gopher incompetence. That stuff doesn't happen at universities that win. Conference championships or big games or titles. It doesn't, yet there it was again.

That evening came the next kick to the goods. Coming off the biggest comeback victory in the NBA this year the Timberwolves took on the Houston Rockets - at home, after like half a week of practice days. They played well for about...46 minutes. Buuut basketball is a 48 minute game. All it took was the final two minutes for them to lose. Sure there was the overtime period but the Rockets had all the momentum at that point and were clearly in control. Double digit losses hurt a certain way. I think losses like this feel worse though.

Then came the coup de grâce


The beloved Purple & Gold. After taking a six week vacation during the middle of the season they managed to win two games, with two more losses in between. It seems as though they decided to leave their desire to play back in Florida. Two weeks and they can take all the vacation time they want to find it again because their season is over. They didn't fight. Nothing even remotely positive happened for the three hours of misery disguised as their game against the Colts. It was nclxanfldksakl. I can't even describe how awful it was. So frustrating. Lose or win now, it doesn't matter. The season's over. Good riddance to the 2016 sports year!

So there it is.

Losers. Losers. Losers. Losers.

Last night I was hoping to get a response from the social media world with a single weekend with worse results. None came. So I can't anoint this is the most pathetic and abysmal weekend in the regions sports history but it's gotta be gosh darn close! Please say if there is a weekend which would rival or surpasses this one in sure pitifulness!

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