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Cougars Clip Falcons Wings

On a thin Thursday for high school sports in the region, I had the opportunity to take in what ended up being a very exciting game. The Ada - Borup Cougars came to Moorhead to play the Park Christian Falcons. The game got started later then scheduled, which afforded me time to watch the warm up lines. The Cougars were taller, bigger & had more players. The Falcons had a look of preparation even considering those facts.

The first half was sloppy at time with several novice mistakes but also with good defensive plays by each team. Blocks & steals seemed to happen as often as baskets at different points of the half. But what matters is putting the ball through the hoop and the Cougars managed to do that with much more regularity, which lead to a 13 point lead at the break.

The second half played out much more in favor of the home team. While the first half found both teams deep into the double bonus with several minutes remaining, The Falcons drew fouls early but did not commit them until they had to. Even with the opportunity to score without the clock moving, their deficit continued to grow. They eventually found themselves down 20 with only a few minutes remaining and down two of their key players.

One of the things that I enjoy most about Basketball is how unpredictable it can be. Buzzer beaters, late game come backs and upsets create memories on an annual winter basis. The Falcons managed to create some of that drama as the minutes wained. Through a slew of aggressive plays and fortunate calls they closed the Cougar lead to five points with about 30 seconds to go.

Yet they could get no closer over the remaining time. The A-B Cougars beat the Falcons 75 - 66.

It was the outcome I was predicting as I watched pre-game but the way in which in unfolded could not have been foretold. The sting of a loss or the sweetness of a victory, games always end that way - unless you believe in ties. A learning opportunity for each group of young men, but also for this fan. To not assume an outcome, however unlikely the alternative may seem.

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