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Timberwolves Week 7

Spurred On

Has there been a better organization then the San Antonio Spurs over the last 20 years? The Patriots - no, they cheat. The Cardinals (of St. Louis) - maybe but not nearly as many championships. Any others?

Not that I can think of. Parody is real, apparently.

I'm a fan of the Spurs. Sure they're "boring" but to me that's just dumb guy code for fundamental & non-controversial. They're ball movement on offense is a thing of beauty. They're rotations and commitment on defense should be inspiring. They are what every team in the NBA should aspire to be.

So when the team that is widely considered to be amongst the highest in talent and potential takes them on I hope they are playing with their eyes open. That the scouting report and any video that they watched served to show them some of the things they need to do to maximize what they have at their fingertips.

The Timberwolves lost again, but did anyone actually expect them to beat the Texas Black & Silver? I didn't. Sure they've beat great teams in recent history but sadly this team isn't as good right now as the one that ended last season. They'll get there, just not there yet.

What I do expect is for them to learn from games like last nights. Only time will tell whether the lessons stick but it's fair to expect. That's my take away. What do you guys think about last night's tilt?

Bit Above the Border

Yeah, the Timberwolves lost again. If you want a comprehensive breakdown of the game, this isn't going to be the segment for you...probably ever. There are other corners of the internet where those kind of posts are available. But I'm not partnered with any of them so it'll be up to you to find them, if you want. Back to the point. The team is going to lose, a lot, again this year. By no means am I saying that as a discouragement, it just means that unless something new presents itself I'm not going to keep breaking it down the same way.

So another loss. Against another team that is better then them right now but who they'll again have to over come at some point. The story within the game that I'm most interested in is a comparison of two of the star players, Demar Derozan & Andrews Wiggins.

Surface level stuff first. Both of the 6 - 7/8 height variety. Derozan is 20 pounds stronger at this point but the extra years in the NBA certainly factor into that. Both were one and done's from high profile college programs, and for anyone who may take exception - yeah Kansas is better then USC at basketball but they're both big time. Both were taken in the top 10, even with the disparity that exist between #1 & #9. Also, neither of them seems to have the me first nature, which is a great characteristic to have on a team with multiple stars.

Since this is only Wiggins' third year I'm going to do the statistical comparison based on DD's third year in the association. To date, Wiggs has a PER of 15.61 while Derozan had a 12.87 rating. It would have been interesting to see what #22's rating was during his hot start. A rating of 15 is league average so even with the fall off Wiggins is still a little above average while DD was below the average after this third year.

The rest of Derozan's stat line for his junior year was 16.7 points, 3.3 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 26.1% from three and 42.2% overall. His true shooting percentage was .503 as well.*

Wiggins line so far this year is as follows - 22.4 points, 4 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 37.6% from three and 43.7% overall. His true shooting percentage is .534.**

Even after expanding the outlook, there is at least one glaring advantage for the Canuck. Derozan has never cracked 34% from three over the course of season. Even if Wiggins' shot from outside dips further he has a good choice of topping that. On a team that is still woe from deep, I'll take every positive fact I can get that it may get better soon!

Derozan has a game that's more predicated going to the rim but I think that Wiggins can work that into his game more then it already is. How his continued development goes is instrumental to the Timberwolves future but if Demar Derozan is any indication & I think he is, then it may pay dividends within the next couple of years.

What do you think? Are there any exceptions with my take on the two young stars?

* Derozan's stats from here & here

** Wiggins stats from here & here

Blown Out, Pistons

The Timberwolves lost again. The Timberwolves lost again in the third and fourth quarters. The Timberwolves are still young. The Timberwolves are regressing.

It's going to be a LONG year if friday night is even slightly accurate of where the team is. Trends and mirages are a real thing in sports. The trend is to lose games in the second half. Losing every quarter is still slightly new.

Yep, it's going to be a LONG year indeed! That's all I can take away from this one. ish...just awful!

Next week

Sunday - Warriors (FSN)

Tuesday - @ Chicago (ESPN)

Saturday - Houston (FSN)

Maybe all the practice time this week can pay dividends, because they need to!

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