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His success happened before I was born but Jim Valvano is again in the spotlight because of the annual Jimmy V week. Well one of the well known sayings associated with him is very applicable to the NDSU Football team again. In pursuit of a sixth straight championship. Going for a seventh straight semi-final appearance. Think about that for a second, they've almost completely cycled through two four year groups. That's so hard to grasp and even more impressive then I can express yet it's a very real possibility. The first challenger to the playoff run was the University of San Diego.

If you were going to write a book about champions, the game in Fargo today would give plenty of source material. The defense got it started in a hurry. The running game closed it out with a bang. The long history of NDSU Football is built upon those units and they were represented splendidly. As a fan of a winning team some times it's very easy to overlook the fact that the losing team are people too. I'm sure they gave it their all. I'm sure they came in with designs of ways to possibly make a close game or even win but they were simply overmatched. They sprung an upset to get to the second round of the playoffs. As much as it hurts, they should be proud that they got to that point.

Some could say that NDSU could have taken it easier on them. Even though I'm giving USD credit, I wouldn't go that far. I'm not a PC robot and neither is sports. There are winners and there are losers. Some times the loser go down at the buzzer, other times they get worked over from the first snap. NDSU was the better team, as they usually have been this decade and they won by 38.

If I were to pin point a key take away from the game for the Bison it would be that no one was injured. With the Jacks coming back to town next Saturday we'll need every bit the same kind of performance that was given today. Fans should not expect the same kind of out come though. As frustrating as it is that the playoff committee laid out the bracket as they did, the Missouri Valley foes have no choice but to meet already. I was rooting for Villanova as much as I was for the Bison though.

Anyway, the team survived another playoff game and has advanced to face the familiar foes from the South.

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