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From Cream Puffs to Big Boys

Football can be unpredictable. Any bounce of the ball can change the momentum of the game. Because of that teams have a chance of beating their foe, no matter how much of a gap there is in talent.

Basketball is all together different. Sure there are the annual upsets up to and through March but when it's all said and done, the better team usually wins. The NDSU Bison Men's basketball team has gone the usual route to start the season by playing a number of lower level teams. With a round robin tournament thrown in for good measure.

Going 2 - 1 against the division one teams that they played is the most notable out come through the early stretch. I hadn't ever heard of them but word is that High Point has dominated their conference for the last few years and they were throttled by 26 last weekend when the two teams played.

In their first game of the real season things weren't as positive. The Bison went to Springfield Missouri to play Missouri State and lost by 14. Now they get to take their shot against the a top ten team, Xavier. The Bison going up against top teams is nothing new & beating them isn't either. Whether that happens tomorrow or not is toss up at best. It's a great chance for a mostly young team to test itself early in the season. If the game itself isn't significant enough, it will be on national television. (For those who have cable packages including Fox Sports 1)

As with all true mid majors, the season leading up to conference play isn't as important as conference play. NDSU has made a habit of succeeding in the Summit League and will hopefully continue to do so. The games they've already played & and the games in the coming day should only help to ensure the team is ready to continue that trend. The next month is important, come December the importance rise significantly. Let's hope they're ready when the games matter!

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