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Timberwolves Week 5

Another four games this week. Coming off the head smasher that was the Grizzlies game to end last week positivity is a struggle. Heck that's the theme with MN pro sports right now. Going .500 or better is entirely possible but will take a better effort then they have exhibited on a game by game basis. Maybe they can even surprise us and get a win against the odds in Oakland on Saturday night. There's three games before that though, so let's take it one at a time! First up is KG's second team, the Irish of immortality.

Bamboozled By Boston

This was not the started that the team needed to the week. The easy excuse is that Boston may be the second best team in the conference of the reigning champions. How long are excuses acceptable though? 13 games in is a decent sample size yet things only seem to be getting worse. The good will that they purchased with the dominant performance over the 76ers is running out quickly.

Don't let it be said that I'm only going to focus on the negative, because there were some continued positive developments. KAT went Big Kat on the Celtics. His 27 points is a little bit standard, which I love being able to type but then he ripped 18 rebounds. Gotta wonder if Horford's presence gave him the little extra. Add to Towns' day the work that Dieng did and it was a great performance by the starting front court. The rest of the team, literally every other player, did a bad job of matching their star teammate!

Mugging in NoLa

So much for a .500 record this week. If that's how they're going to play against the Pelicans then I don't think I will even tune in on Saturday when they face the Warriors.

Anthony Davis is a great player. And he actually managed to be healthy enough to play on Wednesday so bully for him. I liken the Pelicans to many of the KG era1 teams. A very talented star surrounded by talent that can't help him break through.

You may not guess that from Wednesday night's game. But in fairness, if Davis had only scored 30 the game would have been down to the wire. He dominated. The Wolves couldn't contain him or match him on their offensive end so it was a lopsided out come. In case it comes across like I'm hinting at a flukey loss, I'm not. The Brow was the difference between the two teams, even with the difference in talent between the respective rosters.

Hopefully it can go better in Phoenix on Friday!


Well, the Apple Valley Blue Devil came up big last night. I've been a supporter of his since he was drafted by Flip & co. He may only ever be a back up, but with the way that he plays that could mean a long career for him! Whatever the future holds, he was the linch pin of the team's best win so far.

Best win not because the Suns are going to be a world beater, but because they finally bucked the trend of the season. After losing another third quarter - by only three points, which is refreshing in and of itself - they came back like gangbusters in the fourth.

Holding Phoenix to 10 points, scoring 31 and being every bit the dominant team that those stats say. The starters carried the load offensively when it was all said and done but Jones' spark at the end was the difference in the game. It's been said and should continue to be said for the doubted and maligned Point from Duke. On a team full of potential all stars, he was the star when it mattered the most. If he indeed is shipped to a different team, it's these kinds of performances - on top of the hometown angle - which will have me continuing to cheer for him in the future. As far as the whole team goes, it was a good & much needed win in the development!

What it means tonight against the Warriors remains to be seen but I'm just glad they took the step & guaranteed an opher free week!

The Championship Test

Any time a team that is rebuilding, or just building as is actually the case, goes up against a team that has had all the success that the Golden State Warriors have had in recent years the outcome is often a given. Add in the bludgeoning that was the game against the Pelicans just a few days earlier and the assumption becomes all the easier.

One of the most attractive parts of all sports is that predictability some times gets thrown out. With the way that the Timberwolves played against the Warriors to end last season I was curious to see which version of the team would show up on Saturday. I'm not sure they gave them their proverbial best shot, but I'm also not sure what the Timberwolves best is right now.

When my personal hype was at it's zenith for this team, I was predicting over 50 wins. Now I'm just hoping for them to break 30 wins. Getting it done on Saturday would have been a great win.

But they didn't. They didn't look as incompetent as they have at other parts of this still young season but many of their shots were just bad decisions. More young mistakes. They were out played by a better team, even missing one of their better players and being able to get the MVP in foul trouble relatively early.

Every loss is technically a failure but I wouldn't give the game an F, even with some of the issues that continued to show. Maybe like a C-? It wasn't the end of the week that I was hoping for but it was a Minnesota sort of finish. Kept it close but not quite close enough to get over the edge when the time came to do so.

Next up

Jazz Monday Night @ 7 PM (FSN)

Knicks Wednesday Night @ 7 PM (FSN)

Knicks Friday Night @ 6:30 PM (FSN)

Hornets Saturday Night @ 6 PM (FSN)

Another .500 week could happen.

Anything more then that would be a welcome surprise.

KAT versus Gobert will be a fun match up to watch tonight. How they handle Porzingis the two games after that will be worth watching as well.


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