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Dakota Bowl 24: The Battle for Bismarck.

Fourth and finally came the big school duel, between the Bismarck Century "Patriots" and the Bismarck HS "Demons." In contrast to the preceding three games where each started started off slowly but then after a possession or two, one of the teams got rolling and couldn't get stopped or matched by the opponent.

This one was a case of a game having two halves, before I get too far ahead of myself, I'm just going to jump in.

Bismarck received the initial kick off and managed a few first downs but then was forced to punt away. Century got the ball at the 31 after the punt and managed to work it down field for a touchdown. After a touchdown run by #22, Jacob Rader, from a few yards out the Patriots lead 6 - 0.

As far as I was concerned, it seemed to be the most positive start that any of the eight teams had that day. Well starting fast doesn't mean that momentum will continue. To make it short and sweet, every possession the rest of the half was stifled by the defense, either resulting in a turnover on downs or in a punt.

It was a respectable job of ball security each offense and for those who like defense winning, it was a great half of ball. For those who like track meets, it was only that between the twenties. As I already alluded, the second half was a different story.

Both teams got on the board multiple times in the half. Touchdown receptions by #8 Luke Little, and #3 Kade Lynch put Century up 21 - 0. The Demons managed to get on the board with a scamper by #20, Jalen Sprecher. After that, the teams traded touchdowns to close it out. Fourth and final for the Patriots was another reception, taken by #4 Jake Zittleman.

Then Bismarck High closed out the scoring with a touchdown catch by #15, Connor Piatz. It left them well short of their cross town rival but at least gave them the small distinction of the final score of the year for high school football, whatever that may be worth to them.

This closed out what may be the best two year stretch that Bismarck Century football will ever have. Two state championships and their former quarter, Carson Wentz, doing what he's done. Pretty good for a school on the Dakota Prairie!

Final Score: Bismarck Century - 27, Bismarck HS - 12

Congratulations to the Bismarck Century Patriots for winning the 2016 North Dakota AAA football championship!


Jakob Olson

With three of the four touchdowns for BC going through the air, each to a different receiver, the quarterback is most deserving of MVP consideration.

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