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Dakota Bowl 24: Saints raid Vikings

Thus began the Bismarck portion of the day's festivities. The Bismarck St. Mary's Saints took on the Kindred Vikings for the Class AA championship.

As with the preceding games, this one started slow. St. Mary's started with the ball but after a couple of mental mistakes prevented them from getting a first down they punted.

After also struggling on their first possession Kindred attempted a fake punt but were also unable to make it past the stick.

With the ball at mid field, the Saints strung together a series of runs by four different players which, aided by a penalty on the defense, had them with a first and goal at the five. The turnover bug reared it's head though and Kindred was able to recover a fumble on the first play.

Back on offense at the four, the coaching staff called up a pass play that was complete to #2, Nicholas Zink, at the 21. Save for a single hand off that's how the next few plays went and the Vikings were in business at the 44. A few more plays and they exhausted the clock while managing to get to the 32.

In the second period they continued to alternate between run and pass, without any penalties or a turnover. From the six yard line, #5 Brock Benson, caught a pass in the end zone to give Kindred the early 6-0 early.

After the kickoff and return, the Saints started their next possession at the 47. Continuing their last possession theme of ground and pound, all seven plays of the drive were rushes. Again by four different players, but with a different result. From just outside the ten, #16 Kurt Dickhut, ran it to the one and then into the end zone on the next play. 7 - 6 Saint Mary's

Kindred was stuffed on the ensuing possession while the Saints kept rolling when they got the ball back. They were flagged on the first play but then just kept the running game going. Aided by a penalty on Kindred on a fourth and two, they were soon back within the ten. This time it was #27, Cole Spies, who finished it off in the end zone. 14 - 6, Saint Mary's with just under four minutes remaining in the half.

The Vikings kicked of their next offensive run at the 40 but after a loss of five on a fumble came another turnover. An interception by #44, Jacob Scheetz, got the ball back for Bismarck.

Even with time winding down they continued to remain steadfast with their strength. Four straights runs and Saint Mary's scored again, the second of the game for #16. Following a third good extra point kick and they lead 21 - 6, but weren't done just yet. They left one and a half minutes on the lock before the break.

Kindred started with the ball at the 22 and wanted to work quickly. Yet the quick strike attempts were unsuccessful and didn't take much time off the clock. So the Saints had one more attempt to score in the first half. With the ball at the 29, it only took one play to cap the half. A pitch and catch to #27, for Spies second touchdown of the half. 28 - 6, Saint Mary's.

Kindred got the ball to start the second half. Down three touchdowns the approach required to recover and win was forced to change. Three incomplete passes is all they were able to muster before punting again.

With the big lead, the Saints didn't have to change anything. A nine running play drive later and the margin was six points wider. Spies finished his hat trick from six yards out. 34 - 6, Saint Mary's.

From there it was just a matter of the clock running out. Kindred lost more yards on their next possessions then they had managed to gain yet in the half.

Bismarck on the other hand continued to roll when they got the punt back. Another nine plays with the only difference being the finisher. This time it was Dickhut finishing the trifecta. 41 - 6, Saint Mary's.

Kindred got a first down on their next chance, but little less before punting once again.

More rushing and another touchdown. A QB sneak from the one by #8, Cole Gendreau. 47 - 6 with 7:04 to go in the game. Two minutes of game time later and #16 finished off the day with an interception which sealed the already foregone conclusion.

Final Score: Saint Marys - 47, Kindred - 6

Congratulations to the Saint Mary's Saints on winning the North Dakota Class AA Football championship!

Scoring Summary

  • Kindred Touchdown (Benson)

  • Saint Mary's Touchdown (Dickhut)

  • Saint Mary's Touchdown (Spies)

  • Saint Mary's Touchdown (Dickhut)

  • Saint Mary's Touchdown (Spies)

  • Saint Mary's Touchdown (Spies)

  • Saint Mary's Touchdown (Dickhut)

  • Saint Mary's Touchdown (Gendreau)


When a pair of players score three touchdowns a piece it's a pretty smart choice for each of them to be given extra recognition. So #16 Kurt Dickhut & #27 Cole Spies are the MVP's of the championship game! Well done!

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