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Timberwolves 2016.3

Week Three just wrapped up last night so let's take a look back at the week that was. I'll try to compartmentalize my Vikings negativity from infecting this one.

After a couple off days the Pups played the Nets on Tuesday and the Magic on Wednesday, both on the road and as the first of their back to backs this year. Then they took on Lob City yesterday. It was a week where two win were a reasonable expectation and three would have been very impressive. Well they only managed one win. It's better then none but still a little disappointing.

Off two days rest and going against a team that will likely have high lottery odds next summer, it seemed like a great chance to get the second win of the season. It was a one point game at half time, with the slight advantage going the way of the Nets.

Then as has been the case several times already, the second half was a struggle. They ultimately weren't able to recover or handle Brooklyn defensively as Thibs seems to want them to be able to. I'm not going to roll out any excuses, just hope that they continue to improve. For what it's worth, Wiggins had an impressive though not especially efficient game offensively. In addition, Towns and Lavine continue positive production. Tyus also had more then double the number of minutes as Kris Dunn which is a positive development for him.

The next night, way down the coast they went up against the Orlando Magic. As I watched the game it seemed like the Magic are sort of like a poor man's version of the Timberwolves. They don't have good players in the same roles but do have good young players and may be a playoff team this year, albeit in the East. With that in mind, it gave specific things to watch for - especially how the Wolves would manage against them.

They came out like gang busters again and lead by 22 after the first quarter. Add to that a second quarter win and it would have been easy to assume they were going to roll.

But they've gotten big leads several times this year yet only the one win. As has happened, they lost both the third and fourth quarters but only by 11 total points. Win number two. Another small step in the season and future of the franchise.

The star trio did it again. LaVine had the big game but Wiggins and KAT were good too. Jones again played significantly more minutes then Dunn and Shabazz even got into the act. How the PG rotations will go when Rubio's back at 100% may be the biggest question in the immediate future.

Well the answer to that started to be shown yesterday.

For the second straight Saturday they had a game which I would classify as an acceptable loss, if it were to go that way. This time against the LA Clippers back in Minneapolis. With only one loss so far, they have been one of the best teams in the NBA - if not the best, so far.

Minnesota played them well enough to actually win half the of the game but lost the other half by more then they won so it's a moot point. Rubio was inserted back into the starting line up and went 7/6/6, which is a fine stat line for the game. In a move that probably wasn't a surprise to anyone the rotation returned to Dunn as the back up and Tyus as the third PG. In eight minutes Jones scored eight points so his future here still very much a question to be answer, IMO.

Beyond that there weren't any other especially noteworthy elements. The Trio had another good game. That's just how it's going to be this year and hopefully for years to come! When will it start to translate into wins though?

Only time will tell on that on. What we do know is that they have a four pack of games this week. Tonight against the Lakers, Charlotte on Tuesday, Philly on Thursday and at Memphis on Saturday.

Some winable games this week. And the ones they should win are they ones they need to win. I still say that's the next step to take.

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